Prepared Response Assets Acquired by Venuetize

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Two Tech Companies Come Together to Help Facilities

Venuetize-LogoThe assets of Prepared Response, Inc. have been acquired by Venuetize LLC, a leading contextually-aware mobile platform as a service that powers seamless, integrated mobile-first experiences for sports teams, multi-purpose entertainment venues, entertainment districts, and other large facilities. Venuetize will continue to support the Rapid Responder platform.

“All current Prepared Response customers will be able to login to their Rapid Responder account through the online portal,” said Tim Ainge, Chief Operating Officer of Prepared Response. “Our team will maintain the level of commitment of top quality service which our customers have come to expect.”

“Our two companies are coming together to assist facilities to create safer environments and integrate a better digital experience that meets the tangible world,” said Tobey Bryant, Chief Executive Officer of Prepared Response, Inc. “Through this relationship, we are able to help spread our emergency planning, crisis management, and safety products to more venues faster to create a more secure world.” Read More

Top Tips for Airport Emergency Plans

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Tips for Airport Emergency Plans

Building airport emergency plans takes lots of time, effort and collaboration. There are many details that need to be addressed to build a plan that can be quickly adapted as plans often change during the moment. Airport security teams have an increased responsibility to develop an emergency plan as we see an increase in passengers, traffic, airline personnel and other personnel at the airport.

We’ve collaborated with airport personnel and leaders in the emergency preparedness and crisis management industries and came up with ten tips for your airport to consider when building your airport emergency plans.
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Our Favorite Holiday Movies

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Prepared Response wishes you all a wonderful and safe holiday season. We hope you enjoy this time with family and friends. One holiday tradition is to get yourself a fun holiday treat, light a fire, and turn on one of your favorite holiday movies.

We would like to share some of our favorite holiday movies that have inspired our team over the years and hope to share some of our thoughts on those movies. Movies presented in chronological order.


It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)Holiday-Movie-Its-A-Wonderful-Life

This film was not designed to be a holiday movie, but has become a classic holiday film. It’s A Wonderful Life has captured audiences for decades and its themes, scenes, and lines are even used or teased in other films and television shows.

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Gift Guide for the Safety Pro

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Tis the season to give! As an emergency and safety focused company, we have put together a gift guide for the safety professional and emergency conscious individual.



Let there be light! We are accustomed to working in the light and using light to our advantage to tackle the challenges that lay before us. A bright and powerful flashlight is a great tool. There are multiple styles and sizes that work as a great gift.


First Aid KitFirst Aid Kit

Being prepared allows you to help others. A first aid kit is a great way to have small medical supplies on hand to heal minor injuries and help save lives.

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Holiday Contest of 2016

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Holiday Contest!Holiday Fun


Happy Holidays! We hope that this season, wherever you may be, you will be safe and warm. Most of all, we want to thank you for being awesome individuals! Because of your ‘awesomeness’, this holiday season, we are hosting a holiday contest. Therefore, you can enter a chance to win one of the safety gadgets pictured below. Winners will decide which item they take home. Read More

Developing a Hazard Vulnerability Assessment

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Building your emergency plan can be a bit overwhelming and many ask, ‘Where do I start?’ A Hazard Vulnerability Assessment is a great place to start your emergency plans. We have broken down a few ideas to help you start with a HVA guide in order to improve your emergency operations plan for your facility.

Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Meeting

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Safety Goals for the New School Year

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Safety GoalsFor many school administrators and educators, a new school year means new goals and a new start. As the school year begins, start school off on the right foot with new and updated school safety goals. If your school doesn’t have safety goals, begin by writing them. If your school safety program already exists, reflect back on the goals you met over the last year and write new ones for this year. There are always goals to be met when it comes to school safety; for the students and the staff. Read More

School Safety Article Review

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How Numbers Are Looking Up and Down in Terms of School Safety

An older news headline recently grabbed my attention, “Schools Ratchet Up Safety Protocol, But Some Lack Basic Infrastructure.” In it the author, Allie Bidwell, writes about how school safety statistics are on the rise, but a startling number still lack some of the key points that many expect to see in schools such as controlled access points, visitor check in, and manned surveillance cameras. She also touches on an important point in the beginning, leadership that is invested. Read More

Hotel Water Safety

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5 Tips for Hotel Water Safety this Summer

As a hotel manager or owner, you know that summertime means an increase in vacations and more guests staying at your facility. If your hotel boasts about having a pool for children and families, you also know that more work and resources need to be put in to ensure safety. Today we want to give you some hotel water safety tips to increase and maintain a fun and safe environment for families to enjoy while staying at your hotel. Read More

Summer Heat Safety at Your School

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Symptoms, Response & Prevention of Heat Related Injuries

Yesterday we talked about summer fire safety in different places such as schools, homes, or place of worship events. Today we’re going to continue our summer safety tips discussion by talking about summer heat safety, particularly in school settings. There are two very critical things you need to know: symptoms of heat exhaustion and stroke and how to respond. We’ll also provide you with some best practices for reducing heat related injuries this summer at your school. Read More