12 Topics for Monthly Safety Meetings

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Keep Your Safety Team Engaged & Use All Meetings for Training & Educationsafety meetings

Sometimes the most difficult part of safety meetings and what makes them less than effective, is not knowing what to discuss. We always recommend having a safety meeting once a month, but sometimes, there aren’t any safety issues to discuss. When those instances occur, take the opportunity to discuss new topics, or for training. Today we are going to give you 12 ideas for topics that you can use this year in your monthly safety meetings.

  1. Blood Borne Pathogens – Discuss risks associated with blood borne pathogens, how to safely clean up blood and fluids, and protective equipment to wear when handling blood and other fluids.
  2. Ladder Safety – Whether you’re a painter who uses a ladder daily, or work in a facility where you only use a ladder to hang something up, ladder safety is critical. Review where to safely store a ladder, a ladder size that is right for your facility, and having a spotter to help as needed.
  3. Spill Response – Safety team members should be aware of how to react to different types of spills, where spill kits are located, and know how to use the spill kits.
  4. Confidentiality – Whether a student at school gets injured, or a church member has a medical emergency, safety team members should know what is confidential information and what types of information should be shared with whom.
  5. Cleaning Product Safety – Many cleaning products contain chemicals that can be detrimental to the health of those with respiratory illnesses and other sensitivities, learn when to use them and how to safely store them.
  6. Heat Safety – Heat related injuries are preventable, but when not caught in time can be dangerous to a person’s health. Learn the signs of heat related injury and how to prevent it before the warm summer months.
  7. Having an Eye for Safety – Many times, accidents and injuries are preventable, if someone had noticed something unsafe. Learn signs that make something unsafe, and how to report it.
  8. Suspicious Activity – This could be someone lurking around, asking odd questions, or even a suspicious package or piece of mail. Have a dialogue about what is suspicious for your facility and where to report it.
  9. Chemical/Hazardous Material Inventory – Keeping an inventory of chemicals and hazards on your site is critical if an emergency were to happen. Knowing what you have, how much and where it’s located could save lives.
  10. Fire Extinguishers – Although fire extinguishers are a simple way to put out small fires before they get out of control, many people don’t know how to use them. Have a meeting where fire extinguisher training takes place and ensure team members are proficient before they leave.
  11. Evacuations – Evacuations will probably be one of the most common responses for any facility. From a fire, to flooding, to a gas leak, evacuations are sometimes necessary. Use at least one of your safety meetings to discuss how evacuations are handled, head counts, sweeps of the building, and time expectancy.
  12. Safety Equipment – Have a meeting discussing the safety equipment that your facility already has, and what safety equipment might be beneficial to obtain. If anyone is not familiar with the safety equipment, use this time to train them or explain how and what they are used for.

This year, use each safety meeting to your advantage and potentially reduce the safety incidents that happen at your facility. Safety team members are valuable to the success of your facility and giving them knowledge and training is beneficial for the safety and security of everyone. What are some other topics that you have discussed at your safety meetings? Let us know in the comments below!

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