Healthcare Facility Safety: Keeping Patients & Staff Safe

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Optimizing your maintenance team and their schedules for your healthcare facility is imperative and could be the difference between the generators providing vital medical attention for patients or not having the ability to save lives. Following are some best practices

to help get the most out of your maintenance teams and schedules:

  • Maintenance teams should be turning on and running your backup generators to establish that the generators are working properly. If something does not run as it should, get it serviced as quickly as possible.
  • When generators are being checked, also check backup fuel and the oil in your equipment. Document when you last changed the oil and set reminders for when it should be changed again to guarantee equipment performs as expected when you need it. Read More

Creating Safety Teams in Your Place of Worship

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Safety teams can be the difference between a disaster and an emergency that is handled efficiently and effectively. Whether you already have a safety team for your place of worship, or you need assistance with organizing one, these best practices can help keep your church feeling welcome and open but with an added layer of security.

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