Beyond the Bars: Hospital Care Team Safety & Security

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Valuable Safety Tips for Medical Professionals Treating Prison Patients

Hospital care team safety and security is important in any medical center, but when handling prisoners or inmates, the threat level increases, and so should your awareness. Earlier this month we brought a best practice that was geared toward law enforcement bringing inmates into healthcare facilities. It outlined ways for law enforcement to be proactive and help guarantee safety for all involved. Today we want to give hospital care team safety and security tips for interacting with prisoners in a healthcare facility.

Here are 8 ways that medical staff can keep themselves and other patients safe while tending to prisoners’ medical needs. Read More

5 Safety Concerns to Address in Your Place of Worship

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safety concerns-church security

Having concerns is normal and often leads to increased safety awareness and preparation. Places of worship are a soft target these days and have concerns for the safety and security of their grounds and visitors.  Setting up safeguards is a wise decision and can help alleviate stress and concern. Today I am going to give you a list of 5 things that you should be concerned about in your place of worship and some ways to address them and increase their security.

Access Control

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Simplify & Improve School Emergency Drills

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drillsRapid Responder Makes it Easy to Improve School Drills

Drills don’t have to be time consuming, expensive or complex. Instead, they need to be organized, direct and cohesive. Remember when practicing drills at your school, you are practicing just as you would if you were responding to an incident. Ensure staff are aware a drill will take place during a designated time frame and prepare your first responders ahead of time by alerting them of all upcoming drills. Read More

Creating a Safety Team for Your Place of Worship

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Providing an open but safe environment for visitors

safety team

Safety teams can be the difference between a disaster and an emergency that is handled efficiently and effectively. Whether you already have a safety team for your place of worship, or you need assistance with organizing one, these best practices can help keep the open and welcoming atmosphere that you have worked so hard to establish.

  1. To start a safety team or recruit more involvement, consider asking current volunteers if they are interested in holding a position on your safety team. Many times, people that already volunteer are willing to volunteer a little more. It is essential to rotate team members so that burn out does not happen. Remember, your safety team members are interested in sitting in services as well.

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Guest Post: Shamus P. O’Meara Discussing School Risk Mitigation

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shamusSchool Security Design: Planning to Mitigate Risk & Avoid Liability

The security of school buildings has become a predominant safety topic in school communities following the school shooting tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. School and university leaders across the country are seeking the guidance of legal counsel, architects, engineers, and security professionals to assess the security of school and campus buildings and recommend design changes for the protection of students, staff, and visitors from armed  intruders and incidents of violence. Once the subject of nerdy seminars among security vendors, incorporating crime prevention principles in the design of school buildings is fast becoming an integral part of safe school planning.  Bulletproof  glass, relocation  of offices, sight lines, integrated  cameras and lighting,  and reconfigured traffic patterns are now the subject of discussion among school design teams.1 In response  to the Sandy Hook tragedy,  the Connecticut legislature  passed laws to develop safety standards for school building projects including model plans available to schools.2  Across the country, legal counsel for schools and higher education institutions, along with their school design and construction partners, face difficult liability and  risk management decisions  involving  security  in public buildings. This article highlights federal and state guidance  and the legal risks involved  with school and campus security design.3 Read More

Are You Protecting Your Place of Worship from Liability?

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5 Ways to Mitigate Liability in Your Church

church sanctuary cropped

Protecting your place of worship from liability concerns is imperative but liability is a word that often invokes fear. Pastors, deacons, priests, etc. are troubled by the thought of their place of worship being held liable for incidents or injuries, but the truth is, places of worship face many risks they need to understand and take action to avoid. Today we are going to discuss some ways places of worship can be proactive to prevent being held liable.

Critical Areas to Consider

  • Job Descriptions
  • Church Safety
  • Waivers for High-risk Activities
  • Child & Youth Workers
  • Insurance

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Healthcare Facility Safety

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Improve the Environment in Your Healthcare Facility

A healthcare facilities exterior should be clean and aesthetically pleasing and once guests and patients walk in the door, they should experience the same safe, clean and secure environment they were greeted with just a few steps beforehand. There are a few potentially overlooked safety aspects that could lead to incidents in healthcare facilities which would prevent a safe interior.

A small group of issues, if not addressed could lead to emergency situations and unsafe conditions for staff and those in your care. Incorporating a few changes like these can improve healthcare facility safety: Read More

How Your Place of Worship Can Be Proactive Against Fires

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3 Proven Ways to Help Diminish Fire Vulnerabilities

When I was younger, my grandfather was cooking chicken in our church for a meal and some grease hit the open flame of the gas stove and sparked a small fire. The fire alarms sounded and we all evacuated while my grandfather and the pastor used fire extinguishers to put it out before the fire department arrived. This could have turned in to a potential tragedy with great loss of property and possibly life, but because the situation was handled well, very little damage occurred. Part of the quick response was due to the church take a proactive stance against incidents by preparing for them before they happen.

Read more to learn three ways that places of worship can be proactive against fires and how those proactive steps could help fire first responders. Read More

Who is the Incident Commander?

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The Incident Command System is used by many facilities including schools, churches, and hospitals. It uses the basis of a hierarchy of individuals who work together with separate responsibilities to accomplish a common goal of safety. Arguably the most important role in ICS is the incident commander position, as they are responsible for all aspects of an emergency response. Read more to learn who the incident commander should be for your facilities safety team. Read More

True or False: 9-1-1 Dispatchers Automatically Know my Location

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GPS Location MapDebunking the Myth 911 Can Access Your Location

Today we are going to debunk one of the most dangerous myths pertaining to safety and security. A myth is an idea or story that is believed by many people, but that is not true. It is a widely held belief that dispatchers can obtain your exact location from the phone that you are calling from when dialing 9-1-1. I am here today to tell you that information is not entirely accurate. Let’s find out why. Read More