Staying Safe on Campus: Tips to Increase College Campus Security

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Guest Post by Brianna Cook

As the school year begins, I am preparing the speech that I will give to my residents on how to remain safe on and off campus. In addition to being a Resident Assistant, I am also the student worker for the Columbia College Police Department, which gives me great insight into how safety on college campuses works and how beneficial it is knowing effective ways to respond to emergencies and keep yourself safe.

At Columbia College, we are lucky enough to have a police force that provides numerous resources for students to ensure they know how to stay safe both on and off campus. They provide courtesy escorts, have a 24/7 emergency line that connects directly to officer radios, and maintain emergency call boxes around campus. Read More

Inmate Protocol in Hospitals: Tips for Law Enforcement

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Tips for Law Enforcement When Bringing Inmates into Hospitals

inmate protocolAt any given time there are prisoners in a hospital and unfortunately, healthcare facilities are not usually well equipped for their presence. There are many reasons why an inmate might be in a hospital, they could need forensics done, or perhaps they got injured, or became severely ill. No matter what the reason, it is important for hospital staff to be prepared for their arrival and know that law enforcement will properly do their job. As a member of law enforcement, it is imperative for you to keep staff and visitors safe while maintaining control of the inmate. Remember these 5 tips to keep the public safe when dealing with prisoners in healthcare facilities. Read More

Why You Need Rapid Responder

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3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Rapid Responder

We get questions all the time about Rapid Responder, so we recently wrote a blog post dedicated to answering some of our most common questions, which you can read here. Today however, we are going to tell you 3 reasons why you need Rapid Responder deployed in your facility.

It is an all hazards emergency management system

Because Rapid Responder is an all hazards emergency management system, it can stand alone to meet a variety of your facilities safety and security requirements, including joint commission standards. Some of the features that are included with Rapid Responder are aerial imagery, interior/exterior photos, contact phone numbers, emergency response plans, emergency shut off valve locations, live camera feeds, policies and procedures and more.

On top of the emergency response data, Rapid Responder is also capable of electronically storing reminders about drills and electronically tracking training for staff, adding a prevention aspect to the versatile system.

Easy-to-UseRapid Responder

Rapid Responder is browser based and is accessed with no additional software. It can be accessed via the internet, installed on a laptop, stored encrypted on a USB drive, and/or iPad App. Rapid Responder has been built with simple functionality in mind, working on a tree hierarchy system that is easy to navigate in a time when seconds count.

Cost Efficient

With all of these selling points, many potential customers worry that they cannot afford to deploy Rapid Responder in their facility. The good news is that Rapid Responder is very affordable, starting at just $99* for K12 schools, but pricing varies based upon number of buildings and square footage. A reduced set-up fee may apply as well, but we do not have storage or seat license limits.

Rapid Responder is much more complex than just storing your emergency response plans. In fact, it houses all of the fundamental aspects to effectively respond to any emergency situation that your facility is faced with. There are a number of reasons why a facility might be interested in deploying Rapid Responder, but these are 3 reasons why Rapid Responder is essential for your school, place of worship, or healthcare facility.


Prepared Response, Inc. Releases Easy Alert, a New Internal Communication Tool for Emergencies

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Rapid Responder Users Can Now Send Alerts in Real Time During Any Incident from Any Location

IMG_6363Rapid Responder Easy Alert utilizes brand new technology to allow internal communication for emergencies and non-emergencies alike. If you are looking for a way to easily alert and communicate with staff and first responders, and one that is fully integrated with Rapid Responder for no additional cost, look no further. It is designed to be used in real-time and allow instant information about drills and events. Users can post images, report their exact location and engage in chat feed with other active users.

Read our press release to learn more about how Easy Alert simplifies the emergency response process for any place of worship, school, healthcare facility, and/or commercial facility.


Exercising Your School’s Emergency Response Plans

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5 Tips to Enhance Your Emergency Response Plans

Regularly updating and exercising your school’s emergency plans are imperative to being prepared when emergency breaks out. Emergency plans that sit in a binder on a bookshelf are not acting as a safety asset to your school campus. To help you, we have listed 5 best practices to make the most out of your emergency response plans:Emergency Response Checklist

Read More

Place of Worship Safety Tip

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shutterstock_107658848Child Check-In & Check-Out Procedures

The safety of children is a top priority anywhere, but especially in places of worship. Churches and temples usually have a few options for child care, usually broken up by age group. When this happens, it is even more important to be vigilant about the welfare of the children in your care and ensure their safety. For today’s place of worship safety tip, we are going to focus on child check-in and check-out procedures and how effective procedures minimize crisis situations. Read More

Healthcare Security Options: Your Questions, Our Answers

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Learn How to Alert Staff, Secure Classified Information, & Security Options to Delay Escapes

healthcare security

Healthcare facilities are some of the hardest to secure. Between patient records, controlled substances, and mental health areas, potential crises lurk around every hallway corner. Today, we are going to answer some of your healthcare security questions on the most cutting edge and proven technologies that healthcare facilities should consider investing in for continued safety and security.

How can I alert staff of threats, procedures, etc.? Read More

How One Louisiana School District is Setting the Standard for Security

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Lafourche parish school district

Lafourche parish school district continues to increase student and school safety with upgrades

I recently had the privilege to speak with Seth Holloway of the Lafourche Parish School District in Louisiana. Seth is the Safety & Maintenance Manager for the district and was excited to explain how his schools were starting a major security upgrade to all of their facilities. Not only that, the Lafourche Parish School District is a long time user of Rapid Responder Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management System and plans to continue utilizing the system along with the new available features such as Easy Alert. Read my interview With Seth Holloway to learn how his schools are leading the way for new security technology.

S.C.: What have you used Rapid Responder for?

S.H.: We currently use Rapid Responder for our crisis plans and especially like that we can

easily revise them in Rapid Responder. We also log our drills in the system, and for the high schools, we use Rapid Responder to log dangerous chemicals on the property.


Read More

Hotel Series: Preparing for Natural Disasters

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Natural Disasters

We have been looking this week at ways that hotels can guarantee safety for their guests. Today we are continuing our series on how hotels can prepare for natural disasters to keep their guests and properties safe. Yesterday we discussed ways hotels can ensure guest safety in and around water, specifically pools, in the summer. Inclement weather is a reality for much of the U.S. and hotels must plan and prepare for a variety of natural disasters to keep their guests and structures safe. Below are 6 tips to help ensure that your hotel is prepared for natural disasters. Read More

Hotel Series: Water Safety for Hospitality Managers

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Water safety is a concern for everyone during the summer, but for those in hospitality management, it’s even more important to plan for because summertime means that families are traveling and enjoying time in their hotel pool. As a hotel manager, there are some preparations that must be made prior to, during, and after guests visit your pool. Today we are going to continue our series and explain how hotels can ensure the safest summer season in their water. Read More