Increase Hotel Safety: Watch the Lot

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Parking areas don’t have to be hazardous with these tips

hotel safetyIt is widely known and acknowledged that parking lots are lacking in effective safety and security measures, especially parking garages where lighting is inadequate and a physical presence is absent. But today we want to help hospitality managers increase hotel safety in parking lots/garages by prescribing some best practices that can be advantageous to their reputation and their guest’s safety. Things like landscape, lighting, training, and other aspects can be the critical security conditions that you are missing to round out safety for your hotel. Read More

Rapid Responder Notify Frequently Asked Questions

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Rapid-Responder-Notify-1024x1024The Rapid Responder Notify app is the newest feature in Rapid Responder that allows for cutting edge two-way communication between system administrators and app users. The app users are quickly alerted via text or email, whichever they signed up with, of any notifications but also allows them to report in suspicious activity for further investigation.

When any new feature is introduced, there are always questions that users have.  Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to Rapid Responder Notify.

  1. What is the cost of Rapid Responder Notify?

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