Pre-plan Tactical Meetings

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What Your Facility Has Been Missing

pre-plan tacticalPre-plan tactical meetings are the cornerstone to implementing Rapid Responder. They offer a roundtable discussion with your facility’s local emergency responders, and provide a focused agenda of increased safety and security during a crisis situation. Read More

Suspicious Behaviors in a Retail Setting

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What to Look for to Prevent Theft


When trying to reduce profit loss by shoplifting, consider training staff and employees on what to look for when trying to spot a shoplifter. Many shoplifters use the same tactics and can be easily identified by observant employees. Mitigate shoplifting and reduce profit loss by remembering these identifying suspicious behaviors that are typical of a shoplifter. Read More

How to Know if Your Hospital Needs Rapid Responder

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As a hospital administrator, you go through great lengths to ensure that your facility is utilizing the most up-to-date technology for safety and security, while still meeting an array of standards. Rapid Responder is multi-faceted and can meet a variety of needs for your hospital. Not sure if you need it? We’ll give you an explanation and let you make that decision.

Do you need a way to track maintenance or training?

Rapid Responder easily tracks your maintenance schedules and gives an option to set reminders for when oil needs to be changed in generators, or air filters checked in patient rooms. Update your maintenance log books to digital format with the completely secure Rapid Responder system and never lose information again.

Much like maintenance, Rapid Responder can track training for your staff and has the option to set reminders about upcoming expirations on training. Your leads no longer have to check multiple employee files for training, they can quickly and easily access it in a central location in Rapid Responder. Read More

Hotel Theft & Vandalism: “Take the Power Back”

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We’ve all heard the horror stories of the crime and vandalism that can happen at hotels, but your hotel doesn’t have to be next one in the news for lack of security. Provide your guests extra safety and security by protecting their belongings and your assets. Ongoing issues of theft and vandalism in a hotel can make a hospitality manager feel powerless. Take the power back with these tips.

You can start taking back control by getting your employees involved in the safety process, they are your eyes and ears and a group effort toward a safer and more secure environment requires the help of many people. Train employees on what to look for and the protocol for how to report theft and vandalism. Employees should have access to forms that they can fill out if they notice anything, or that they can have guests fill out for missing items that they believe have been stolen. Read More

Place of Worship Safety Team Members

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Who You Need & What They Dosafety team header

In August, we brought you a post on creating a safety team for your place of worship where we discussed how to recruit involvement and how often you should meet. Today, we want to expand on that by providing you with some roles and responsibilities that your church safety team members should be assigned in the event of an emergency on your grounds. Not sure who you need on your safety team and what they should do during a crisis? We have your answers! Read More

How Do You Involve Your Staff in Healthcare Safety?

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3 Proven Methods to Having Safety Focused Staff in Your Healthcare Facility

safety focused staff - surgery room hospital

Safety in a healthcare facility is a critical aspect that should be continually managed. Your healthcare staff are often aware of safety and security measures that need to be updated, or areas of your plans that could use revising before administrators do. Use staff to your advantage when discussing safety and security for your healthcare facility by including them and requesting their input. Involve staff using these three proven methods to increase safety and the discussion around it in your healthcare facility. Read More

Article Review: Security of School Entrances

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Could You Be Doing More?

school entrance - header

How much security are you offering your school’s entrance? How much security is enough? You can install security cameras, but then someone needs to monitor them. You can issue visitor badges, but then someone needs to escort the visitor. After reading this article I realized there are a vast amount of school security features and hardware that are available to boost campus safety. Today, I want to give you an overview of this article and highlight some of the most effective school security options.

The article lists “11 Components of a Secure School Front Entrance,” but the tips listed are effective for securing all areas of a school, not just the front entrance. The writer also introduces us to the idea of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) which includes natural surveillance, access control, and territoriality. Read More

Effortlessly Meet OSHA Requirements with Rapid Responder

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OSHA safety header

No matter what type of facility you are in, whether it be a theater or a mall, you have likely heard of OSHA regulations and work tirelessly to meet them. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), is under the U.S. Department of Labor and its mission is to, “assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.” It can be challenging for facilities to meet and comply with all required OSHA regulations, but Rapid Responder provides a service that meets many of these standards and is backed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with its SAFETY Act Certification. Share, store, update, and access logged requirements all in one plans with Rapid Responder while also getting 24/7 access to tactical plans, floor plans and more. Read More

Prepared Response, Inc.® Launches a New Android App for Customers

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Android Users Now Have the Ability to Access Emergency Response Information Stored in Rapid Responder Anytime, Anywhere.

Prepared Response, Inc. has released a new Rapid Responder Android tablet app to meet customer demands while continuously improving the crisis management system. The new Android tablet app provides additional accessibility to critical response information stored in Rapid Responder for Android users. The app features a unique, clean interface that simplifies and enhances the availability of a sites emergency response app

“By developing apps for mobile devices we are expanding the reach that emergency preparedness can provide for site users and emergency responders.” – Larry Lowry, Director of Development for Prepared Response.

Read more to learn about the Rapid Responder Android tablet app.


Improve Place of Worship Security on a Budget

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Increase Church Safety With Budget-Friendly Options


Many places of worship have a strict budget, and sometimes safety and security upgrades don’t make the top of the list for improvements that need to be made. We understand that substantial upgrades to security can be costly, but today we want to share with you ways that you can upgrade security without breaking your budget. The biggest misconception that prevents church leaders from implementing effective security is the thought that security is all about guns, guards, cameras, and metal detectors. Jeffery A, Hawkins explains church security as this, “a properly designed security program is like an iceberg, people should only see about 10 percent of what you really have in place; the other 90 percent is in place in case it is needed.” Effective and efficient church security does not limit the open environment that you have created for your congregation, instead it allows visitors and members to mingle freely, while having a back-up plan in case an emergency occurs. Read More