Suspicious Behavior in Places of Worship

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See It, Hear It, Report It

We hear it all the time in airports, if you see or hear anything suspicious, report it. But what defines suspicious activity or behavior? Today we want to point out some commonly suspicious behaviors that should raise some red flags if they present themselves in your place of worship. It is important to remember that no one behavior alone is cause for suspicion, however, if multiple behaviors are present, you should become suspicious and act accordingly.

  • Nervousness which can include, looking around excessively, minimal eye contact, sweating, suspicious behaviorunusually staring forward
  • Repeated entrances/exits from the building with no noticeable reason i.e. not using the restroom or checking on their child
  • Inappropriate, oversize, loose-fitting clothes i.e. wearing a trench coat during the summer months
  • Hands in pockets and not removing them even during clapping, etc.
  • Favoring one side/adjusting waistbands, ankles or other clothing that may indicate a firearm. Watch closely when they sit or stand to see if a concealed weapon is visible or noticeable.
  • Security personnel should watch people exiting their cars and how they walk toward the church for signs of an individual carrying a weapon
  • Questions beyond curiosity about security protocol, typical behaviors of the minister, how many children are present, etc.
  • Packages/Mail that has an unusual odor or sound, no return address, cut and paste lettering, excessively secured or excessive postage

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How Will You Handle After School Emergencies?

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Emergency Action Plans for After School Activities Are a Critical Aspect to School Safety

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After school, most students go home, but some stay for sports games or practices, rehearsals, and tutoring. These activities after normal school hours can potentially be liability issues in the event of school emergencies for the school and/or district.  Just like the normal school day, sports practices, rehearsals and clubs need emergency plans and procedures in place to keep volunteers and participants safe. Some concerns that should be addressed in your action plans for school emergencies are medical emergencies, weather and background checks. Start by communicating early with volunteers, parents, and participants about the expectations concerning after school emergencies & plans. Read More