Theater Access Control

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Reel in Your Theaters Access Control

Controlling access points for any facility is imperative to continued safety, but even more so for movie theaters. Theaters have an open, free roaming environment, allowing for potential violence to take place in common areas or individual theaters. Luckily, there is a solution that doesn’t take away from the open, family-friendly feel that theaters are known for.

A crisis can happen at any time, as we’ve seen in recent media outlets but your facility can help diminish the risk of a crisis in your theater by controlling your access points. This includes not only your lobby doors, but also emergency exits, which are often used to sneak people in. Theater access control is your first barrier to crisis and emergencies happening on your property.

Learn three ways to improve your theater access control:

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Social Media for Mass Notification at Schools

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Pros, Cons & Alternative Options

Does your school or district send mass notification updates via social media during an emergency situation or incident? You may post on Facebook aboutsocial media road closures due to flooding, or that school is postponed due to snow, or even to alert parents that the school was temporarily under lock down because of something going on in the immediate area. Although there are some positive reasons to use social media for mass notification in a school setting, there are also negative effects that could happen.

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Fire Prevention, Critical for Movie Theater Safety

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Ensure Moviegoer Safety & Mitigate Property Damage with These Fire Prevention Tipsfire prevention

Movie theaters pose many fire safety risks because of building designs and the capacity of people that they can accommodate. As a theater owner or manager, it is important to realize the unique fire concerns that your facility has and ways that you can prevent fires from happening. Below are four ways that you can prevent fires in your movie theater.

Extinguishers, Detectors & Sprinklers

shutterstock_64685710The number one preventative method against fires in any setting, is the ability to acknowledge and neutralize it quickly. Fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems are made specifically for reducing fire severity until fire first responders arrive. Extinguishers, sprinklers and smoke detectors should be installed in all kitchen/cooking areas of your theater, as well as in each individual theater, corridors, and film rooms. By making these preventative measures accessible, you are reducing the likelihood of serious loss or injury due to fire. Read More

Easy Alert, the Internal Communication Tool that Your Healthcare Facility is Missing

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Does your hospital or other healthcare facility have a way to communicate internally during an emergency situation, incident, or drill? If so, does that same communication tool allow for real-time communication with your first responders as well? Rapid Responder Easy Alert meets both of those needs and is included in the cost of your Rapid Responder implementation. Below are three ways that Easy Alert helps your healthcare facility to communicate internally during an incident or drill.

Easy AlertCompatible with any iOS or Android Device

Easy Alert is browser based and compatible with all iOS and Android devices, it is also accessible on any platform, making it a universal communication tool for staff and first responders.  Because it is browser based, there is no fear of updates, ensuring your ability to use it at any time, and it can be saved to your device’s home screen for quick access. An incident or drill can be initiated within 2 clicks and a notification can be sent to a predetermined contact list of staff and first responders by email and/or text. Read More

Bomb Threat Series: Movie Theaters

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Keep Moviegoers Safe from Risk with Bomb Threat Plans

movie theater box office

Movie theaters have been under increased scrutiny about their security measures and emergency response procedures in recent years, and unfortunately have been a target for those who wish to cause harm. Bomb threats have been on the rise in public areas such as movie theaters, and sometimes the facility is not up-to-date on training and emergency plans, reducing the effectiveness of the response. Today we want to close out our series by giving movie theater owners and managers tips on how to mitigate risk and respond to a bomb threat. Read More

Bomb Threat Series: Healthcare

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Create Plans, Practice Drills & Respond to Threats

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Hospitals – multiple buildings with expansive corridors and hundreds of rooms filled with patients and visitors. Eventually a wing or floor gets the code for a bomb threat and anxiety sets it. Bomb threats in a facility such as a hospital can bring unwelcome nervousness to patients, staff and first responders. Prepare for bomb threats by creating effective plans, practicing drills and responding efficiently. Read More

Bomb Threat Series: Schools

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Ways to Prepare, Performing Drills & Writing Plans

Unfortunately, bomb threats seem to be a norm for many high schools around the country and even lower grade level schools. Depending on the amount of evacuations per year, students and staff can become desensitized to the fact that there is imminent danger during a bomb threat. Preparing for a bomb threat at your school, performing drills, and writing plans are proven options to increase the effectiveness of a response if a bomb threat ever happens on your campus.

How to Prepare: Read More

Bomb Threat Series: Place of Worship

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What to Know & How to Respond

It is no secret that places of worship tend to be under particular scrutiny from opposing parties, but staying vigilant can significantly increase security for your grounds and congregation. Your security team and office personnel should know what makes a package suspicious and what to do if they notice a suspicious package or answer a call that is a bomb threat. Bomb threats can be made by phone, hand written note, email, or just a package. Below are things that you should be aware of and how to react if you perceive that your place of worship has received a bomb threat.

What to do

bomb threatIf you receive a bomb threat via a phone call, do not hang up. Try to keep the caller on the phone for as long as possible. Get someone else’s attention and have them call 9-1-1 from another phone. Remain calm and take as many notes as possible such as the gender of the caller, their exact words, and any obvious sounds in the background such as an emergency vehicle, or waves crashing. Also, note the number and name that appears on the phone. After the caller hangs up, do not hang up your line, but use another line to contact law enforcement. Avoid using any two-way radios because the frequency can sometimes detonate a bomb. Follow directions of law enforcement and any bomb squads that respond. Read More

Utilize Proven Measures for Safer Access Points

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Controlling Access Points Reduces Crisis in Schools

School Fence - Controlling Access Points

Safety aspects in school settings must be met in order to foster an environment of learning, but safety cannot happen without security. While they need each other in order to flourish, school security can be difficult to provide. Children are seen as easy targets and many times the buildings on campus are spread out, offering easy entry. By utilizing some proven access control, security can become easily attained.


Here are some key areas that you should consider researching for more controlled access points:

  1. Electronic Door Locks
  2. Single Point Entry
  3. Do uble Entry System
  4. Reinforced Glass

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Place of Worship Fire Drills

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What You Should do Before, During, and After a Drillfire drills

Fire drills are regularly practiced at schools and even offices, but there are not many places of worship across the country that do so. Unfortunately, places of worship are susceptible to fires and being prepared for those types of situations significantly increases your ability to respond. Practicing a drill on a Monday afternoon with your office staff does not prepare the rest of your congregation, but with some planning, you can easily prepare your church. Today we are going to give you tips and discuss what you should do before, during, and after practicing a fire drill at your place of worship. Read More