Exercising and Performing Drills In Your Healthcare Facility

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For schools, drills are fairly easy and common; they shelter in place at the sound of an alarm or they evacuate to a designated location. For healthcare facilities, especially hospitals, this is not such an easy task. With multiple buildings and floors, visitors, patients, and an ever changing staff system, evacuating and sheltering in place for a hospital can be stressful. Nevertheless, a variety of drills are required by law, they need to be documented for proof and they must follow emergency response procedures and emergency operation plans (EOP).

Emergency response plans are the blueprint for how a hospital will run during crisis situations. Emergency response plans should be evaluated by the crisis response team members after every drill that is performed. Aspects of the drill that need to be evaluated include accurate documentation, response types and times, and what can be amended in the response plan to have a more effective drill in the future. These variables should be noted and documented in a digital system that can be accessed electronically and on-the-go. Read More

Add A Layer of Security in Your Theater With Rapid Responder

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Rapid Responder

Controlling Large Crowds in your Facility with Rapid Responder

Movie theaters draw in large crowds of eager guests for events like mid-night premieres, box office hits, celebrity guests, holiday weekends, and pre-screenings of highly rated movies. Guests may start lining up days to hours in advance, and during this time, groups of people can get out of hand and arguments may happen. There may still be others that cannot find adequate parking and park illegally. It can be difficult for theater owners and employees to guarantee a safe experience in a dark, crowded, closed theater, but Rapid Responder can help provide an added layer of security when controlling large crowds. Read More

Identifying a Potential Active Shooter

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What to Look for & How to Respond

In most active shooter scenarios, it is decided through investigation, the incident could have been prevented if someone had noticed the shooters behavior earlier. Whether in a house of worship, a school, a hospital, or a movie theater, staff and employees should be actively monitoring their environment for suspicious activity. Learn how to identify behaviors by knowing what to look for in a potential active shooter and how to respond if you find yourself involved.

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Caledonia-Mumford CSD Implements Rapid Responder

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Caledonia-Mumford Central School District Uses Cutting Edge Technology to Continue Dedication to School Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Caledonia, NY – October 13, 2015 – Caledonia-Mumford Central School District in Western New York recently finished implementing the NYSSA Rapid Responder Program, designed to be utilized by Sheriffs, law enforcement, fire, medical, and school personnel. Rapid Responder empowers the school and first responders to better protect campuses and respond jointly and effectively during any crisis. Bob Molisani, Superintendent of Schools for the three building district explained their need for increased safety and security and how the New York State Sheriffs’ Association (NYSSA) Rapid Responder Program is helping them to accomplish their objectives.  Read More

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems: Understanding Lockdowns

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Guest Post by Paul Delon, Knowledge Manager for Prepared Response, Inc.

There are a lot of things to consider when talking about safety, security, and emergency preparedness.  Just take a look at some of the past blog posts here and you’ll see topics on cameras, visitor management systems, mass notification systems, even what to be prepared for when you call 911.  There’s a lot to consider and at times it can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a lot of simple and low cost solutions to the problems we encounter when dealing with safety and security preparedness.  Read More

Movie Theater Security: What Are My Options?

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theaters movie numbers

Movie theaters have always been a place for wholesome entertainment, where couples can enjoy an evening out, or families can spend a rainy afternoon. Unfortunately, the new reality is that some people on rare occasions, look to harm others in the secluded and dark theater with minimum ways of egress. Theater owners and managers must now face the reality that additional movie theater security is required, but what are security options for such an open environment? Below are 4 security options that movie theaters can implement to increase safety.

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Places of Worship: Community Ambassadors During Emergencies

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Last month severe flooding struck the south eastern states, with South Carolina taking the brunt of the destruction. Nineteen people lost their lives in the historic flooding, families lost their belongings and valuables, many evacuated by boat leaving everything behind, and roads were completely washed away, including sections of Interstate 95. During the flooding in South Carolina and other times of crisis around the world, people sought help at a common area, places of worship. In most every emergency, places of worship step up and act as ambassadors for their communities. Read More

Safety Equipment, a Necessary Component

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Increase Safety with Effective Equipment

Safety equipment is a necessary aspect to preventing and effectively handling emergencies. Without proper safety equipment, your potential loss increases significantly. Safety equipment can be defined as anything that your facility uses to protect property, or people from being damaged during an emergency situation. Take a look at some recommended safety equipment for your facility. Read More

Rapid Responder Version 7.2 is Here

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Prepared Response, Inc. Releases New Version of Rapid Responder Emergency Preparedness & Response System

Rapid Responder Version 7.2 is Released Offering Customers a More Robust & Streamlined System

Kirkland, WA – November 3, 2015 – Prepared Response, Inc. has released version 7.2 of their emergency preparedness and crisis management system, Rapid Responder®. The new release offers a more streamlined system which will aid customers and first responders in furthering their ability to prepare and respond during emergencies. Prepared Response often looks to their user’s requests and suggestions in order to evolve Rapid Responder to meet customer needs. Version 7.2 updates include a more simplified processes for many of the system features in both the Emergency Response Interface and the Administrative Interface. Read More

Increase Security for VIP Guests

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Prepare Your School for High Profile Guests with Rapid Responder

Has your school ever hosted a VIP guest? Perhaps a presidential candidate looking to connect with the American people, a celebrity that is doing charitable work, or maybe even the President of China if you are Lincoln High School in Tacoma, WA. VIP guests require many hours of preparation to your school and the security surrounding it. There will be meetings with the guests’ security team and specific plans made for potential crisis situations, all of this can become overwhelming for school administrators. Let Rapid Responder help you plan for a VIP guest visiting your school and reduce the stress surrounding their visit. Read More