Reel in Your Movie Theaters Access Control

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access control

The Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting brought a safety aspect to the forefront of people’s mind where they probably didn’t think of it before, movie theaters. Once it was in the media, the public began to realize just how confined theaters are and how security may not be up to par in these family friendly areas. Controlling access points can be one of the simplest ways to reduce the potential for crisis in your movie theater. Below are three ways that you can control access points for your theater and diminish the risk of crisis.

Reinforced Glass

Do you utilize reinforced glass for your box or ticketing office? Your ticketing employees are likely some of the most vulnerable as they collect money and are a “check point” that guests must go through before accessing the rest of your facility. Reinforced glass is a protective barrier that keeps your employees safe from harm of others. It also provides a safe view point if an emergency happens. Employees behind the reinforced glass can give 9-1-1 information from a safe distance, if the need arises. Read More

Reduce Risk of Injury or Illness to Healthcare Staff

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Keep Your Staff Safe from Injury or Illness

healthcare staffYour healthcare facility staff face many risks to their own health and safety during their normal work day. You spend countless hours making plans for how to keep patients safe and to continue providing life-saving care, do the same for your staff by reducing their risk to illness or injury. You can help reduce the likelihood of staff injury or illness by ensuring these precautionary measures are followed:

Safety Equipment is Available

Safety equipment at a healthcare facility comes in two forms. The first being basic safety equipment such as wet floor signs, and the second type being personal safety equipment, things that block against illness, like gloves, masks, soap, and hand sanitizer. Read More

Rapid Responder Notify, Not Your Average Mass Notification

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NotifyNotify Offers Unique Mass Notification Features for Your Facility

Rapid Responder Notify is an app designed specifically for mass notification and is a complimentary add-on feature for those who utilize the Rapid Responder system for their facilities emergency preparedness. There are many mass notification systems out there, but none quite like Rapid Responder Notify. Anyone can sign up by downloading the app, choosing their group, and putting in their site ID, which is completely customizable by a Rapid Responder admin. The groups can range anywhere from hospital employees, students, staff, or a congregation. It also allows app users to send anonymous tips and alerts to designated individuals of any suspicious activity, an incident, or even a maintenance issue such as clogged water drain.

Today though, we want to explain how it can improve your facilities crisis management by means of mass notification. Take these three incidents for example, and see how Rapid Responder Notify can quickly send mass notification to those who need it.   Read More

Performing Safety Audits at Your Place of Worship

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An Effective Way to Jump Start Your Safety

Safety audits can sometimes feel like a daunting task that reveals the less up-to-date safety aspects of your place of worship, but by focusing on audits as a preventative measure, they can increase the safety of your facility. Safety audits are a quick and efficient way to see where improvements need to be made and give your church a jumpstart to a safer environment, and increase preparedness. Today we will give you an overview of things your safety audit should include, how to get the most out of it, and following up for effective safety. Read More

“Run, Hide, Fight,” vs. “Avoid, Deny, Defend”

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Although rare, active shooter situations do happen, and are a part of safety and security training in most organizations these days. Unfortunately, we must prepare for these unlikely incidents by knowing the most effective ways to respond. There are a few methods, but the most widely used and supported are, “Run, Hide, Fight,” and “Avoid, Deny, Defend.” Keep reading to learn what they mean, how they differ, and who supports them.

Run, Hide, Fight Read More

“The Value of Security Isn’t Measured by what it Costs, But what it Prevents”

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Justifying the Value of Prevention

When a facility such as a school, church, or movie theater starts discussing their security options, the topic of budget always arises. Often times there are individuals who rally for increased safety and security, no matter the cost, but there are others who vote for cheaper, and sometimes less effective options, even if it means providing less safety. Today we want to talk to you about the quote,

The value of security isn’t measured by what it costs, but what it prevents

Read More

Healthcare Facilities Holiday Incidents: Prepare

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5 Ways Your Facility can Prepare for and Reduce Holiday Incidents

Healthcare facilities, especially hospitals, see an increase in emergency cases over the holiday season. It is understood in the medical community that during the busy holiday season, for many reasons, there is an increase in emergency room visits, especially heart related conditions. For healthcare workers and hospital management, that means preplanning for the influx.

Verify Contact Information

During the holiday’s many staff go out of town, or take vacation days to spend with their loved ones, but holiday incidentsmost will be on call. Emergency room visits peak during Christmas and often turn into multiple day stays for observation and surgeries. Prior to the holiday season starting, verify the contact information for staff that you may need at the last minute. Without a working phone number, your facility may need to turn people away because of lack of manpower, or occupancy overload. Read More

4 Ways to Prepare for Holiday Crowds at your Theater

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holiday crowds

Many facilities see an increase in visitors during the holiday season. Hospitals see more emergency room visits, churches hold Christmas celebrations, and shoppers are finishing their shopping at retailers, but movie theaters also see in increase in guests. This holiday season, know what to expect from holiday crowds in your theater and take precautions against incidents. Preparing is a simple way to mitigate injury and incident. Read More

Effective Security Begins with Building Design

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building design

The design and layout of your buildings are the first and often most important aspects to safety and security. With effective building design hiding places can easily be diminished and emergency exits can be more easily accessed. We understand that many times, facilities are built with a different intended purpose, but remodeling can be beneficial to security. Today we want to give you 5 ways that your building’s design and layout can improve your security and make it more effective. Read More

Who Can Dial 9-1-1?

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Lockers in School

What is Your School’s Policy on Dialing 9-1-1?

When an incident presents itself at a school, it is imperative to get first responders on the scene as quickly as possible. Some school districts have a policy that says only authorized school administrators can dial 9-1-1 for help. Today we are going to discuss some pros to this policy, and explain how the cons may outweigh the positive aspects. Read More