Doctors Aren’t the Only Ones Who Need to Work on Their Response Time

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3 Ways Rapid Responder Can Help to Improve Your Healthcare Facility’s Response Time by Effectively Preparing

Doctors and nurses continually strive to improve their response time to an emergency, but do the maintenance, security, or management departments? If there were a fire or an active shooter, would your healthcare facility as a whole be prepared to respond in an efficient manner? Today we want to tell you three ways that Rapid Responder improves your healthcare facility’s response time. Read More

Church Safety & Community Needs

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4 Ways to Keep Your Facility & Volunteers Safe During Community Outreach

Every week, places of worship around the country open their doors to meet community needs in the form of temporary shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, and more. Although these organizations are looking to do good deeds and serve those in need, they are also adding an additional safety risk to their volunteers and facility. Today we are going to discuss 4 ways that you can actively keep your facility and volunteers safe while opening your doors for community outreach.

   1. First and foremost, the most effective way to reduce community needssafety concerns is to block off restricted areas during community outreach. If your place of worship serves as a school or daycare, close and lock all doors that lead to those areas, making it impossible for an unauthorized person to gain access. If there are other areas that are off limits, lock all doors that are not critical to the operation of your particular community outreach. Read More

Campus Officers & Community Officers: More Alike than You’d Think

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Campus and community officers have many similarities in their jobs, and sometimes may even be colleagues. They both strive to keep their community safe, face many risks with every shift they work, and share similar leadership roles and responsibilities. Although thought of as different types of law enforcers, with differing job descriptions, they are actually quite similar and rely on each other to keep our communities and college campuses safe. Read More

NYSSA Rapid Responder Program Expansion Continues Across New York State with Upcoming Road Show

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NYSSA Rapid Responder

Attend the Event to Learn How Your BOCES Can Offer the Aidable Service.

During the week of January 18th, 2016, Prepared Response, Inc. and the New York State Sheriffs’ Association (NYSSA) will be traveling throughout New York State to meet with key educational leaders to share information about the NYSSA Rapid Responder Program. Meetings in Erie, Syracuse, Plattsburgh, and Ulster are scheduled, and will include guest speakers, a live demonstration of Rapid Responder®, and information on how current BOCES program participants provide the service to their component districts.

RSVP Today!

Syracuse – January 19 | 10am-noon

 Plattsburgh – January 20 | 9am – 11am

 Ulster – January 21 | 10am-noon

 Erie – January 22 | 10am – noon

Responding to Power Outages in Your Cinema

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Your theater rooms are filled, concessions have long lines, when all of a sudden, the emergency lights come on, and the screen goes black. Without power theaters lose revenue and safety becomes power outagesan increased risk. Learn what to do during power outages at your cinema to keep staff and moviegoers safe from injury or incident. Read More

How the Incident Command System Can Help Mitigate Organization Liability

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incident command system

Housed within Rapid Responder® is the NIMS based Incident Command System (ICS), a standardized approach to command control during an emergency response. ICS is built to be an easy to use tab model which indicates all pertinent information about individual incidents or events that are created within a Rapid Responder site, including an event log, an overall summary, and communications between participants. Within ICS your entire response is electronically logged and time stamped, allowing for a real time evaluation to be able to improve upon and recognize working procedures. Read More

New Year, New Goals: Wrap Up

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Top 3 Ways to Improve Facility Safety by Creating Goals

new year

This week we have talked specifically about how creating new goals for the New Year can improve your facility or organizations safety and security. Whether it be a school, church, hospital, or movie theater, there are improvements that can be made and creating new goals can be the answer. As we enter 2016, safety and security for facilities and those who enter them should be a top priority. Today we want to give you the top 3 takeaways from this series that can help you this year. Read More

New Year, New Goals for Your Movie Theater

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 Create Safety Goals to Increase Overall Theater Security

This past week we focused on creating goals to start the New Year off on a safer note. We brought you safety goal topics centered on schools, churches, healthcare facilities, and now cinemas. Theater owners may lack specific and safety centered goals because cinemas have a higher turnover rate for employees, but this aspect makes safety even more important. This year, work toward new goals that increase the overall security of your facility. Read More

New Year, New Goals for Your Healthcare Facility

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Utilize Additional Training for Prevention & Set Departmental Goals

new goals

A new year means new goals and it is highly likely that your healthcare facility already has a myriad of objectives to reach in terms of patient safety, staff safety, budgets, etc., but do you have general safety goals for your hospital? Today we want to help get the wheels turning about how setting safety goals throughout your healthcare facility can improve safety everywhere. Click through the tabs to see how timely training enhances healthcare safety, potential goals to set, and departments that could benefit from structured goals. Read More

New Year, New Goals for Your Place of Worship

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Setting Measurable Goals for Your Place of Worship & Using Incentives to Motivategoals

Your place of worship likely has a number of goals, whether it be to welcome new members, or to grow the average number of people in a church service, but does your church have safety goals in place? As 2016 begins, we want to help you increase your safety by meeting new goals in terms of security. Reaching safety goals is not only important for your members and visitors, but also for the overall safety and security of your property and those you wish to protect. Read More