Christmas Break Safety on College Campuses

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3 Ways Your Security Officers Can Ensure a Safe Campus

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Students no longer fill the library into the late hours of the night, and after finishing their exams they head home to celebrate the holiday season with family and friends. All the while, campus security continues to work 24 hour shifts protecting campus buildings, cars left behind and any students or staff who did not leave during the break. But what more can your campus security do to help prepare your college? Use these 3 tips to keep your college campus safe this season:

  • Remind Students to Perform Safety Checks

    First and foremost, send out an email reminder to all students about personal belongings. Include reminders about locking doors and windows, and taking any valuables with them, or locking them up in a secure location. Many colleges use this opportunity to conduct room inspections, so remind students to turn their heat down, and to remove any perishable items for their fridge. Also remind them to unplug lamps, computers, etc. to conserve energy.

  • Take Campus Census

    Prior to the break, connect with resident advisors and ask them for an estimate of how many students will be leaving the campus for the break, and to report that number back to campus security. With this information, security officers can increase patrol and presence in those areas to ensure no criminal activity takes place. Also, ask for a list of names of students who will be staying, or who may be accessing campus during the break so officers don’t suspect them of being unwelcome visitors.

  • Provide Secure Areas for Vehicles Left Behind

    Finally, allow students who are leaving a vehicle on campus the option to park it in a safe location, where it will be more actively monitored by campus officers. You may consider designating the parking lot closest to the security office as a break parking lot, or a fenced in lot that can be secured, but that is still monitored daily. Ensure that students lock their doors and remove any valuables from the vehicle.

The Christmas season brings a time of joy and college students anticipate its arrival for a variety of reasons, but for a campus security officer, the job continues in providing the campus and students with the best safety possible. Use these tips to ensure a safe campus and safe students whether they chose to stay or go. What other safety and security tips does your campus utilize during the extended Christmas break? Let us know in the comments below!

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