Easy Alert: The Communication Tool Your School is Missing

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Don’t Experience Another Incident Without Communication

Rapid Responder Easy Alert

Schools periodically experience incidents including medical emergencies with a student or a school evacuation from a bomb threat. These things, and sometimes more serious incidents happen and a reliable tool that allows communication between staff and responders is necessary. Rapid Responder Easy Alert meets your internal communication needs by providing staff and first responders the ability to communicate real-time, share images and report their exact location. Click through the tabs below to learn why Easy Alert is the communication tool your school needs for managing incidents:

Easy Alert was designed with quick communication in mind, mainly during emergencies or incidents, but drills are the perfect time to test Easy Alert and familiarize yourself and your staff, should they need it during an emergency. During your school’s drills, have staff use Easy Alert to report their location, and send a real-time message to administrators that their students are accounted for. This gives administrators a timestamped log of how long it takes for the drill to effectively be completed, and gets staff familiar with using it.

All schools practice tornado drills and earthquake drills, but many face the reality of them taking place. During these times, Easy Alert allows for safe communication between staff and administrators. Staff can take images of debris and alert administrators of their exits getting blocked. They can also relay information about injuries or account for their student’s safety. Being accessed on any platform and compatible with any iOS or Android devices allows for mobile use, meaning staff can use it while safely sheltered in place.

Easy Alert was built specifically for increased response time and quick communication with not only school administrators, but also your first responders. The worst case scenario, of an active shooter or an armed intruder, has a low probability, but if the situation presents itself in your school, staff should have the ability to communicate with responders and school officials on the outside. Many lessons were learned from the Columbine incident, one being that communication is key. Easy Alert allows school staff to take and post images of exactly what they are seeing to responders, as well as their exact location inside the building. Responders who have access to Easy Alert can ask questions to staff and administrators and can get a firsthand account of what is happening, including a description of the suspect and how many there are.


Although administrators, staff, and parents never want to think about the worst case scenario happening, schools must prepare for it. Easy Alert is an internal communication tool that not only allows real-time communication with administrators and officials, but also first responders. When every second counts, Easy Alert quickly alerts responders and gives a timestamped account of the events, images, and locations that participants share.


Contact us today if you would like more information on Easy Alert, and how it can be beneficial to your staff, administrators, and responders during incidents!

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