Easy Alert, the Internal Communication Tool that Your Healthcare Facility is Missing

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Does your hospital or other healthcare facility have a way to communicate internally during an emergency situation, incident, or drill? If so, does that same communication tool allow for real-time communication with your first responders as well? Rapid Responder Easy Alert meets both of those needs and is included in the cost of your Rapid Responder implementation. Below are three ways that Easy Alert helps your healthcare facility to communicate internally during an incident or drill.

Easy AlertCompatible with any iOS or Android Device

Easy Alert is browser based and compatible with all iOS and Android devices, it is also accessible on any platform, making it a universal communication tool for staff and first responders.  Because it is browser based, there is no fear of updates, ensuring your ability to use it at any time, and it can be saved to your device’s home screen for quick access. An incident or drill can be initiated within 2 clicks and a notification can be sent to a predetermined contact list of staff and first responders by email and/or text.

Take Images, Report Location & More

Once an event or drill has been initiated, joined participants can take pictures of their location and surroundings and automatically add them to the ongoing conversation. Participants can alsoEasy Alert report their exact location using their devices location services with latitude and longitude, making it easier for first responders to evacuate them, or to get triage help to those who need it during an incident. Many times during an event, your staff will need to communicate that they can’t evacuate, or that they have patients that need additional assistance. This is when the real-time communication aspect is most valuable. View other participants and communicate in real-time about the various situations at hand, getting updates from first responders and facility administrators on what actions to take.

Integrated into ICS

Rapid Responder Incident Command System (ICS) module is fully integrated with Easy Alert. Any incident or drill that is initiated within Easy Alert, can also be accessed indefinitely in Rapid Responder for informational, legal, or training purposes.

Easy Alert is a valuable communication tool that all healthcare facilities should be utilizing to help create an effective response to a situation. It proves to be beneficial because of the integrated ICS module, the ability to take images and report exact location, the universal compatibility with all devices with an internet connection, and the ability to communicate in real-time with first responders and facility personnel. To get more information about Easy Alert or how to implement Rapid Responder, contact us!

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