Effortlessly Meet OSHA Requirements with Rapid Responder

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No matter what type of facility you are in, whether it be a theater or a mall, you have likely heard of OSHA regulations and work tirelessly to meet them. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), is under the U.S. Department of Labor and its mission is to, “assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.” It can be challenging for facilities to meet and comply with all required OSHA regulations, but Rapid Responder provides a service that meets many of these standards and is backed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with its SAFETY Act Certification. Share, store, update, and access logged requirements all in one plans with Rapid Responder while also getting 24/7 access to tactical plans, floor plans and more.

  • OSHA 1910.38* – Emergency Action Plans

    • Digitally log emergency action plans in Rapid Responder and have the ability to effortlessly amend them as needed. Your first responders have instant access to the most up-to-date action plans with the help of Rapid Responder.


  • OSHA 1910.119* – Hazardous Material

    • Rapid Responder is the industry leading crisis preparedness technology that allows users to log each hazardous material, the quantity and the location with annotation to access in the event of any emergency. Quickly and easily locate all hazardous material with the help of Rapid Responder in your facility.


  • OSHA 1910.155* – Fire Protection

    • Fire prevention and protection is critical to the safety of any facility. Use the annotation feature in Rapid Responder to drag and drop icons to show the exact location of fire extinguishers, alarms and other protection equipment. Rapid Responder also allows users to set reminders for maintenance on all preventative equipment including battery replacements and recharging extinguishers.


  • OSHA 1910.332* – Training

    • Training is quite possibly the most critical aspect of meeting OSHA requirements. Training is also the most effective preventative measure for emergencies in your facility. Rapid Responder has the ability to log all employee training in one central and digital location. Log fire extinguisher training, CPR and First Aid certification and more. Also, set reminders when training expires to ensure that your facility stays OSHA compliant and that your employees are up-to-date on requirements.


OSHA requirements can quickly become overwhelming to a facility. By utilizing Rapid Responder to help meet your needs, you are pre-planning for an emergency while still actively working towards your safety needs on a daily basis. Emergency action plans, hazardous material, fire protection, and training no longer have to be an area of stress because Rapid Responder effortlessly organizes and empowers your facility to meet federal requirements and offers SAFETY Act Certification.

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