Fire Prevention, Critical for Movie Theater Safety

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Ensure Moviegoer Safety & Mitigate Property Damage with These Fire Prevention Tipsfire prevention

Movie theaters pose many fire safety risks because of building designs and the capacity of people that they can accommodate. As a theater owner or manager, it is important to realize the unique fire concerns that your facility has and ways that you can prevent fires from happening. Below are four ways that you can prevent fires in your movie theater.

Extinguishers, Detectors & Sprinklers

shutterstock_64685710The number one preventative method against fires in any setting, is the ability to acknowledge and neutralize it quickly. Fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems are made specifically for reducing fire severity until fire first responders arrive. Extinguishers, sprinklers and smoke detectors should be installed in all kitchen/cooking areas of your theater, as well as in each individual theater, corridors, and film rooms. By making these preventative measures accessible, you are reducing the likelihood of serious loss or injury due to fire.

Emergency Exits

If your theater guests need to evacuate because of a fire, or possible fire, it is critical that they have a safe and effective exit route. Ensure that all of your emergency exits are functioning as intended by sounding the alarm every month. Know where each emergency exit leads by placing an annotated map by each emergency exit door.

Monthly Maintenance

Perform emergency exit testing every month, as well as fire extinguisher and smoke detector maintenance. Each month, do a walk through and ensure that all extinguishers are charged and up-to-date on inspections, and that all smoke detectors work properly. Remember to change the batteries as needed. Try digitally logging your monthly maintenance and set reminders for inspection and required recharge dates.

Risk Assessment

In order to understand the unique fire vulnerabilities for your facility and learn ways to prevent them, perform a risk assessment with your local fire department. They will come and do a walk through with a checklist and ask you questions about your preventative measures. Then they will give you recommendations on how to further prevent fires and ways that you can increase the overall fire safety for your theater.

With the capacity that movie theaters hold and the unique architectural layout, theater owners and managers must be vigilant toward fire prevention and safety for the complex facility. By having fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and sprinklers systems, theaters are aiding in the fire prevention aspect. Properly functioning emergency exits, and up-to-date maintenance are critical to the safety of those utilizing your facility. To be even more proactive against fires in your theater, partner with local fire first responders to ensure the safest facility. How do you prevent fires in your movie theater?

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