First Responder Series: Emergency Medical Services

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3 Things Your EMS First Responders Want You to Knowemergency medical services

Ryan Stanford, our guest blogger today from Virginia, has over 11 years’ experience as an emergency medical services first responder. He has shared some helpful tips for how the public can help when they respond to an emergency scene. When an EMS first responder is involved, tension is high and nerves are on edge, but it is important to remember these tips so we, and our loved ones have the best outcome possible, thanks to the knowledge of our EMS first responders.

  1. We appreciate your help, however, once we arrive on scene to provide our services we ask that you give us the space we require in order to save lives. We understand that you know more about your loved ones medical history than we do, but if we have questions we will ask them.
  1. When driving, and you notice our trucks with lights and sirens on, please pull to the right side of the road. Time is of the essence and we could be rushing to help one of your friends or family members. Every vehicle that slows us down takes precious seconds away from the person we are trying to help, that’s why it is important to know and follow the rules for sharing the road with first responders. Here is a good guideline to follow when an emergency vehicle approaches.
  1. The best thing you can do for your loved ones when we are helping them is to remain calm. We are on our way and we will give them the best care we can. Yelling or being frantic and anxious is in no way helping the situation. We understand the pain you are feeling and the strife you are going through, but we are there to help and will provide the best and quickest care that we safely can.

First responders, police, fire and EMS, face daily challenges in our pursuit to keep the public safe. As emergency medical first responders, we struggle with everything from hazardous driving conditions to violence on a scene, all while staying calm and recalling life-saving procedures. The constant danger of communicable diseases and persistent sleep deprivation is a real awareness that we deal with; however, we love our job and would not trade the satisfaction that every saved life brings for us.


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