First Responder Series: The Takeaways

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first responderThis week we have heard from three different first responders. Our law enforcement first responder, Lt. Ziesemer, presented us with 3 things law enforcement first responders want us to know. Wednesday, Chief Harrell gave us a glimpse into the rewarding, yet taxing career as a fire first responder. And yesterday, Ryan Stanford, with over 11 years as an emergency medical services responder gave us 3 things that he as an EMS first responder wants the public to know. It is interesting to see the different aspects of these careers that we may not be aware of and simple ways that we can help our first responders.

From all of these guest bloggers, we get an underlying theme that no matter what type of first responder they are, these individuals first and foremost are dedicated to the safety of victims, the public and themselves. They understand that without their own safety, they cannot effectively help others. Lt. Ziesemer emphasized that 9-1-1 is strictly for emergencies and less urgent needs should be sent to the non-emergency line for your area to free up phone lines for those who most desperately need it.

We must remember that all of our first responders are public servants. They see the happiest moments for a family and see some of the most gruesome visuals that will never leave their memory. Chief Harrell reminds us that being a first responder isn’t for the glory, but instead for the gratification that they receive by helping their community.

Ryan Stanford stressed the importance of knowing the rules of the road when emergency vehicles have sirens and lights on. Remember that when they are responding, they could be going to help your loved one. Always give them the right of way and proceed after they pass your vehicle completely.

All first responders are highly trained and qualified and do their job because they genuinely care about the people in their community. We here at Prepared Response strongly advocate partnerships with first responders and say thank you to them for their services in our communities. Keep these tips in mind next time you interact with a first responder or they are responding in your area.

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