Gift Guide for the Safety Pro

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Tis the season to give! As an emergency and safety focused company, we have put together a gift guide for the safety professional and emergency conscious individual.



Let there be light! We are accustomed to working in the light and using light to our advantage to tackle the challenges that lay before us. A bright and powerful flashlight is a great tool. There are multiple styles and sizes that work as a great gift.


First Aid KitFirst Aid Kit

Being prepared allows you to help others. A first aid kit is a great way to have small medical supplies on hand to heal minor injuries and help save lives.


Pocket Knife

The brilliance of this gift is that not all pocket knives are created equal. There are a number of options to choose from. Many safety pros and preppers have a collection of knives for their various purposes, and they use their entire collection.


Multi-Tool, Pocket-Size or Normal-Size

When you are looking for more than just a knife, multi-tools are great when you don’t have access to the rest of your tool chest or shed. Small and compact, yet mighty in resourcefulness.


Duffel Bag or Back Packduffel-bag

A true safety pro deserves a great bag to store and carry their emergency gear. Look for a bag that has great cargo space, easy to carry and water resistant/proof. Small pockets and features help with organization.


Power Bank

We live in a tech-connected world and in order to stay connected, our devices need to have power. Adding the increasingly popular power bank to the your emergency preparedness plan is a must in an inter-connected world.


2-Way RadiosTwo Way Radio

When that power bank runs out of juice, and you still need a method of communication, turn to two-way radios which can communication over distance and helps team communicate, organize and respond faster and make better decisions.


Extra Batteries

This may seem funny to some, but these can be used as great stocking stuffers or little gifts that compliment other gifts.


Solar-Powered Lightsolar-power-sunlight

We already covered light, and having extra batteries for light sources and communication devices. Solar powered lights are renewable light sources that help prolong the use of your battery operated devices.


Glow Sticks

A valuable light source when black is all you can see. These work anywhere; buildings, basements, homes, the wilderness, the trail, etc. Just snap, shake and light it up!


Adjustable Locking Cable

Securing items quickly just got easier. You can secure a number of different items with varied length locking cables.


Fire StartersFire Starter

Basic human needs tell us that we need to be warm. Fire starters help safety individuals create a fire quickly without expending much energy.


Water Purification Straws

Another basic need is water. Stay hydrated with water purification straws. These straws filter any contaminated water, making it safe to drink. They are ultra-light, durable and portable – perfect to throw in any emergency and safety kit.


Waterproof Notebook

Recording critical information is important during an emergency. You’ll be grateful to have the ability to write it down, no matter what, when all other recording options are not available.



Traditionally used as climbing gear, carabiners have a wide range of use off of the mountain as well. You’ll want to get the climbing carabiners that can hold a good amount of suspended weight, as they are more durable than other types of carabiners.



In an emergency situation, whistles save lives. When air contaminants (like dust and smoke) are preventing one from calling for help, a whistle signals others to come help.



With modern GPS as a great option as well, the classic compass never goes out of style or needs an upgrade. This technology has lasted generations and is a great tool during power outages or where reception is as scarce as water in the desert.


Crank Radio

In a widespread event, communication will be important to restore our communities. Receiving messages from regional authorities will continue to help our preparation and survival during large scale events.


Head LampHead Lamp

During certain situations in the dark, you’ll need your hands available. The head lamp is a must for an emergency kit or prepper’s bag. It allows free range of motion with added illumination to keep working and moving to save lives.


Pocket-Size Night Vision Scope

Flashlight and head lamps are great tools for your immediate proximity. When the need to look into the distance in the dark arises, turn to a pocket night vision scope. This compact and portable scope fits nicely into an emergency bag.


Emergency Roadside Vehicle Kit

During the winter months, vehicles occasionally get stranded on the side of the road. Build your vehicle emergency kit with jumper cables, reflective cones, tire gauge, first aid kit, duct tape, non-perishable snacks and water, to name a few.


Hand Warmers

Another great stocking stuffer. These are great to throw into packs and kits. These have a number of uses for keeping warm.


We hope you enjoyed this gift guide. Have a happy, warm and safe holiday season!

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