Holiday Safety Tips

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Don’t be Caught Off Guard by Typical Holiday Incidents

The holidays, Christmas in particular, can bring unsafe conditions to anyone. From health related illness, which peaks during the Christmas season, to dangerous road conditions, and inclement weather, it is critical that we stay vigilant while enjoying the festivities. Today we want to give you a few tips that can increase the safety and security of yourself, your loved ones, and your assets this Christmas season, click through the tabs to see different ways that you can stay safe this season.

Homes can be an increased target for burglaries and break-ins during this time of year. It can prevented though by keeping all doors and windows locked, as this is typically the first place that thieves check. Second, if you leave to go on vacation, have a neighbor keep an eye on your property and let them know if anyone will be dropping by to check on the house, pick up mail, etc. Also, consider leaving outside lights on and a light inside. The outside lights make it harder for a criminal to hide, and an inside light gives the illusion that someone is home. It is important to remember to lock your cars when you leave them unattended, whether you’re home or not, and not to leave valuables, such as presents and gifts inside.
Many people travel for the holidays, but are not prepared for the inclement weather that they may run into, or vehicle issues. Before making a long trip, or a trip through snowy/icy areas, get your car maintenance up-to-date including an oil change, tire rotation, tire pressure checks, and effective windshield wiper blades. This is also a good time to update your vehicles emergency kit. Especially during the holiday’s make sure to pack extra warm clothes, water, non-perishable food, tire chains (if required), a flashlight, and a portable two-way radio in case you get stranded.
During the holiday season, there is an increase in home and structure fires. Prepare early and reduce the risk of a fire ruining your holiday season. If using a real tree, ensure that it is properly watered daily, and a safe distance from any heat sources such as fire places and radiators. Whether using a real or artificial tree, always unplug the lights before you leave and prior to going to bed. The same goes for outside light displays and any other indoor lights that may be plugged in. Also, ensure that there are no lit candles before leaving, or going to sleep. It is beneficial to keep all lights and plugged in cords a safe distance away from any curtains or drapes, which can easily catch fire.

Christmas is a time of joy, cheer, family and friends. Make sure it stays that way by preparing early and preventing the typical holiday incidents that occur.  Preventing home burglaries, car break-ins, staying safe while traveling, and preventing fires are the best ways to stay safe this holiday season. What are some of your holiday safety tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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