Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) vs. Rapid Responder

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The Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN), is a “trusted network for homeland security mission operations to share Sensitive But Unclassified information.”1 It is used by Federal, State, Local, Territorial, Tribal, International, and Private Sector partners on a nomination and acceptance basis. Rapid Responder however is an all hazards emergency preparedness and crisis management system that is SAFETY Act Certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and utilized by public and private schools, places of worship, healthcare facilities, stadium, ports and seaports, government facilities, and other critical infrastructure. Both have their admirable qualities, but one is more all-inclusive for most facilities and organizations that are looking to increase preparedness and aid their responders in an effective response.

The Homeland Security Information Network offers users an instant messaging feature called Jabber which allows for “real-time information sharing” and has the option to “chat one-on-one or in groups.”2 Rapid Responder has a more advanced feature called Easy Alert that allows for image capture and the ability to post latitude and longitude, images, and time stamps, as well as a secure platform for users to communicate with each other and their first responders. Easy Alert also provides users the ability to change the incident as it evolves. When initiating an alert, users chose what type of incident they are experiencing and the response being taken. Comparably, HSIN’s Jabber feature simply allows for communication during an incident on a secure platform.

HSIN and Rapid Responder both have alert features. HSIN’s is called Alerts & Notifications portal and it Homeland Security Information Networkallows for updates via email and text about an incident or any breaking news related to the organization’s mission. Rapid Responder Notify has the same capabilities but also allows those who register, to submit a notification to authorized personnel about any suspicious activity they may notice.

No matter what type of security system you implement, there is a certain aspect of training involved. HSIN provides their users with comprehensive training on the system and a Document Repository, but they do not add any data to the system for you. Any data that you wish to have readily available will have to be input by you, taking days and sometimes weeks. Rapid Responder implementation provides comprehensive training as well as free monthly training webinars for features and new version releases. Rapid Responder securely stores over 380 data points important to facility security and houses all emergency response plans for easy access from facility personnel and first responders in the event of an emergency or incident. The data entry department inputs all critical data into Rapid Responder for customers including digital imagery, floor plans, blueprints, emergency plans, and more.

Rapid Responder is a web-based system and can be “accessed on the Internet, installed on a laptop, stored encrypted on a USB or via the iPad or Android App,” making it completely mobile.3 Facility personnel and first responders are trained on the system during the pre-plan tactical meeting, creating an inter-agency partnership for responding to incidents.

It was reported in 2009 that the Homeland Security Information Network experienced two different intrusions in March and April of that year. It was reported that federal and some state information was retrieved and confined to administrative data such as phone numbers and email addresses. Since these incidents, HSIN has gone through updates and upgrades to prevent further intrusion.

Rapid Responder is certified by the U.S. DHS and is a proven anti-terrorism technology that offers an array of features not found in other systems. It is comprehensive and aids in building inter-agency trust and partnerships. Focused on prevention and preparation, Rapid Responder enables facility personnel and first responders by providing critical information at a time when seconds count.

Learn more about Rapid Responder here: http://www.preparedresponse.com/Rapid-Responder-Emergency-Preparedness-Crisis-Management-Overview.html

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