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5 Tips for Hotel Water Safety this Summer

As a hotel manager or owner, you know that summertime means an increase in vacations and more guests staying at your facility. If your hotel boasts about having a pool for children and families, you also know that more work and resources need to be put in to ensure safety. Today we want to give you some hotel water safety tips to increase and maintain a fun and safe environment for families to enjoy while staying at your hotel.

  1. Lifeguards – To offer the safest environment for your guests, hire a seasonal lifeguard to watch the pool during the day. You can use this as a marketing tool when advertising your hotel for guests and to ensure liability is kept to a minimum by having a safety barrier.
  2. Handouts – When guests check in, your front desk staff offer them handouts about amenities, local food and entertainment. Add a water safety handout to this list and have front desk staff inform guests of pool rules and age restrichotel water safetytions.
  3. Signage – Prior to opening your pool for the season, make sure all signage is up-to-date. This includes pool rules, entrances and exits, and any signing in and around the pool like depth and “no diving.”
  4. Communication – If you decide to hire a lifeguard, they should have a way to effectively communicate with front desk staff, maintenance, and security personnel. They should have a two-way radio which can be used to call for help or to inform front desk staff if a maximum limit is reached for the pool.
  5. Security – If your pools are not open to guests 24 hours a day, they should be behind a locked gate or door. When pool hours are closed, the lifeguard and a member of management should check all areas around the pool and ensure all guests are gone before locking the area and signing a log book with information such as time of closing and areas checked.

Most hotels stay up-to-date on checking water levels regularly, but what they may overlook are the more intricate water safety details such as a means of communication, lock up procedures, and offering guests hotel water safety handouts at check-in. These 5 water safety tips for your hotel are just a stepping stone into a larger safety realm. What water safety tips would you recommend to another hotel manager or owner? Let us know in the comments below!

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