Increase Security for VIP Guests

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Prepare Your School for High Profile Guests with Rapid Responder

Has your school ever hosted a VIP guest? Perhaps a presidential candidate looking to connect with the American people, a celebrity that is doing charitable work, or maybe even the President of China if you are Lincoln High School in Tacoma, WA. VIP guests require many hours of preparation to your school and the security surrounding it. There will be meetings with the guests’ security team and specific plans made for potential crisis situations, all of this can become overwhelming for school administrators. Let Rapid Responder help you plan for a VIP guest visiting your school and reduce the stress surrounding their visit.

VIP GuestsAs the 2016 presidential elections progress, more schools will be hosting candidates to address the American people on a personal level. These individuals require top-notch security that schools are not typically equipped with. Because of this, their security personnel will arrive early and perform a thorough walk through and inform the administration of changes that need to be made prior to their arrival to ensure the safest and most secure visit. Schools can use Rapid Responder to make these visits less stressful.

Quickly and easily obtain floor plans of your school in Rapid Responder for VIP security personnel. Use the annotation feature in Rapid Responder to digitally build emergency response procedures such as evacuations, guest parking and VIP entrances. Annotate maps and floor plans uploaded to Rapid Responder with hazards, NIMS staging areas, road blocks, perimeters, incident command posts and more.

When hosting a VIP guest and working with their personal security team, your school must be prepared for the requests that they make. With Rapid Responder you can upload emergency VIP Guestsresponse plans and procedures and amend them as needed. Use the hands-on annotation feature to stage parking areas for guests, inner perimeters, and road blocks. Also, annotate the exact evacuation route that will be taken and where transportation will be staged. Save, print and/or email all of these plans or access them quickly and easily on the complimentary iPad or Android app for Rapid Responder.

Hosting VIP guests at your school, such as a presidential candidate does not have to be stressful. Rapid Responder is an all hazards emergency response system that is built to help schools and other facilities prepare for emergency situations. Be prepared for VIP guests and everyday situations like evacuations and drills with the industry leading technology that Rapid Responder offers.

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