Increase Your Partnership with Local First Responders

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Many times, police, fire and EMS respond to an incident without fully understanding the safety and security measures that the organization has in place. This leads to confusion and a lack of cohesiveness within these sectors. By increasing partnerships before a crisis, facility stakeholders and first responders can respond efficiently and cohesively to emergencies.

What is a partnership, or what defines people or entities as being partners? Well let’s look to Webster to find out:

So why is it important to partner together?

We all know the old saying, “there’s power in numbers,” and it’s absolutely true. The more people that respond, the quicker the problem can be solved but without a cohesive partnership, more injuries and fatalities could occur. Take a look at ways that you can increase the partnership with first responders to have a more effective response to crisis.

Extend an Invitation – We all like to get an invitation to a party or a wedding, why not invite local first responders to get to know your school, healthcare facility, place of worship, etc. More than likely, they’d be very interested in the opportunity to tour your campus, help you pre-plan for emergency situations, and take part in drills. By doing so, a community dialogue is opened and plans for a cohesive response can begin.partnership

Help Them – We always think of first responders as our help in times of need, and they are, but wouldn’t it be great to empower them to respond more efficiently? Ask your first responders what changes you can make to help them out. For example, many public safety units use a number system when accessing a building. Consider numbering each entrance and exit door so it is easily identified by first responders.

Provide First Responders With Updates – Did you just finish a remodel project for your place of worship? Or perhaps you had the parking lot repainted and added more handicap parking at your healthcare facility. In these instances, you can increase your partnership with first responders by providing them with updated floor plans and blueprints. With this information, they can better respond to calls and are not confused by outdated information.

So there you have it, three simple ways to increase partnership with local first responders. The key to effectively increasing a partnership is communication. Keeping an open community dialogue about safety decreases response time and increases productivity.

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