How Do You Involve Your Staff in Healthcare Safety?

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3 Proven Methods to Having Safety Focused Staff in Your Healthcare Facility

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Safety in a healthcare facility is a critical aspect that should be continually managed. Your healthcare staff are often aware of safety and security measures that need to be updated, or areas of your plans that could use revising before administrators do. Use staff to your advantage when discussing safety and security for your healthcare facility by including them and requesting their input. Involve staff using these three proven methods to increase safety and the discussion around it in your healthcare facility.

  • Recognize Employees Already Dedicated to Safety

    Many people engage in safety practices without prompting; begin involving staff in safety by recognizing those who already contribute to your efforts. People feel appreciated when they are rewarded and you will notice that other staff will start becoming involved in order to seek a reward. If your goal is to reduce the number of insurance claims from worker’s compensation, reward your staff when they get below a certain percentage. Or, recognize those who go above and beyond to keep their work environment safe at a quarterly awards ceremony.

  • Ask for Employee Suggestions

    Your staff often knows what safety changes need to be made before administrators do. They work in that environment daily and notice where changes could effectively be made, so ask them for their input. Employees are willing to give their opinion in order to make their workplace safer for themselves and their colleagues. Consider putting a suggestion box in a staff area, or inviting your healthcare staff to attend a community forum or meeting at which safety policies are on the agenda.

  • Take Surveys for Staff Involvement

  • Another great way to get feedback and involve your healthcare facility staff in your safety efforts, is to take a survey. Surveys are a fairly quick way to anonymously gauge your staff on how they view the safety in the area which they work. Try taking a quarterly survey and test which type of survey works best for your staff, multiple choice, true false, scale questions, or short answers. To boost participation, offer a reward to the staff group that has the most submissions by adding a question about which section of the hospital the staff member primarily works, emergency, mental health, maternity, etc

There are many ways to engage your staff for increased safety, but rewarding, asking for input, and taking short surveys are tried and true methods that stand the test of time. Your healthcare staff are a huge asset to your safety, involve them for the most effective strategies and to create a safety focused team of medical professionals. How do you involve your healthcare team in safety policies and procedures? Let us know in the comments below!

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