How to Know if Your Hospital Needs Rapid Responder

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As a hospital administrator, you go through great lengths to ensure that your facility is utilizing the most up-to-date technology for safety and security, while still meeting an array of standards. Rapid Responder is multi-faceted and can meet a variety of needs for your hospital. Not sure if you need it? We’ll give you an explanation and let you make that decision.

Do you need a way to track maintenance or training?

Rapid Responder easily tracks your maintenance schedules and gives an option to set reminders for when oil needs to be changed in generators, or air filters checked in patient rooms. Update your maintenance log books to digital format with the completely secure Rapid Responder system and never lose information again.

Much like maintenance, Rapid Responder can track training for your staff and has the option to set reminders about upcoming expirations on training. Your leads no longer have to check multiple employee files for training, they can quickly and easily access it in a central location in Rapid Responder.

Do you need a way to communicate internally during emergencies?

Rapid ResponderRapid Responder Easy Alert, the newest feature, allows for secure internal communication during an emergency. Quickly locate staff, send out information such as lock downs, or alert of potential dangers all with two clicks on a mobile device. Easy Alert is also available to your first responders, which increases your communication and diminishes confusion when every second counts.

Do you need a place to digitally log emergency plans and procedures?

One of Rapid Responder’s key features is the ability to upload all emergency operating plans and procedures that your facility has including active shooter plans, fire evacuations, chemical spills, or bomb threats. These are centrally located and gives multiple people access to the information in different places, increasing your response time. Never fumble for a binder again, and easily amend your plans, as needed in the administrative interface. Rapid Responder takes your emergency plans and procedures from outdated and forgotten to a more secure database that is easily accessed by hospital administrators and first responders.

Do you need help meeting your Joint Commission Requirements?

Rapid Responder supports your Joint Commission Requirements for emergency preparedness covering emergency operating procedures for security and safety, staff management, utility management, documenting and managing your EOP’s and more. Rapid Responder meets over 25 Joint Commission Requirements, is NIMS compliant, and is SAFETY Act certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology.

After seeing some of the needs that most hospitals have in terms of safety, security, and technology, it seems that Rapid Responder makes the most sense and provides the most value to these facilities. Rapid Responder tracks maintenance and training, allows for internal communication with staff and first responders, digitally logs emergency operating procedures, allows for joint access among individuals and first responders, and meets a wide variety of joint commission requirements. If you would like more information on how Rapid Responder meets the needs of your hospital, visit, or contact us today.

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