Minimize VIP Stress with Rapid Responder

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3 Ways Rapid Responder Streamlines the VIP Process

Perhaps there is a celebrity signing at your movie theater for a premier, a presidential candidate at your school, or a well-known religious leader speaking at your place of worship. Whatever the VIPcase, there will be a lot of preparation and potential stress leading up to their arrival and while they are visiting. Luckily, Rapid Responder helps to alleviate some stress by providing critical information during planning, creating inter-agency concord, and annotation features to customize your event plans. Continue reading to learn about the cutting edge features available to streamline your VIP process.

Rapid Responder houses over 380 data points for your facility, one of them being your floor plans. This includes a detailed and comprehensive electronic map of your entire facility that can be printed, emailed, exported, etc. When a special guest is planning their visit, their security team will likely ask for things like floor plans prior to their arrival so they can plan means of ingress and egress including alternate routes. Rapid Responder houses this information and can be easily exported to share, or temporary limited access can be granted to the team.

VIPThe security team may also ask for any emergency response plans you have for your facility. They will need to plan for any and all potential emergencies such as fires, active shooters, armed intruders, etc. It may be difficult to provide these without Rapid Responder, but with it this request is efficient. Rapid Responder administrators have the ability to set up anyone within the platform and grant them certain permissions on what they can view. When planning for a special guest or VIP you may choose to provide the guests’ security team with Rapid Responder credentials and allow them to view all emergency response plans. Since Rapid Responder is available on mobile apps, this request becomes a streamlined process with little to no stress.

Another feature of Rapid Responder is the ability to annotate maps and images that you upload. Prior to arrival at your organization, the guests’ security team will request different maps so they can plan which routes to take and what areas should be blocked off for safety reasons. The annotation feature of Rapid Responder allows users to do all of this electronically. They can set up staging areas, plan their primary route of travel and alternative routes in case of emergency, as well as where to set up road blocks and areas to house media that attend.

Planning and preparing for a special guest at any facility is stressful and requires time and effort from both parties. Rapid Responder however is an advanced emergency preparedness platform that can help alleviate stress when preparing for a special guest. If you’d like more information on Rapid Responder, and the other safety and security aspects it can provide for your organization, visit here.

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