More Information than a Hasty 911 Call

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Rapid Responder Empowers You to Respond

We recently brought you the 6 W’s to dialing 911 from your place of worship, but what if I told you there was a way for dispatchers and first responders to gain even more valuable information before 911 callyou’re off the phone? With Rapid Responder, first responders and church staff are able to quickly and securely access emergency response information and engage in real-time alerts and chats during any incident.

Rapid Responder digitally stores your place of worships aerial imagery with evacuation plans, best access routes for first responders and tactical mapping plans that can save time and lives. During any emergency, emergency response plans and procedures are just a click away, easing stress for all involved. Tactical plans stored in Rapid Responder help first responders and church staff identify who, how and where they will respond.

Learn more about how Rapid Responder aids in the emergency response for your place of worship.

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