New Year, New Goals for Your Healthcare Facility

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Utilize Additional Training for Prevention & Set Departmental Goals

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A new year means new goals and it is highly likely that your healthcare facility already has a myriad of objectives to reach in terms of patient safety, staff safety, budgets, etc., but do you have general safety goals for your hospital? Today we want to help get the wheels turning about how setting safety goals throughout your healthcare facility can improve safety everywhere. Click through the tabs to see how timely training enhances healthcare safety, potential goals to set, and departments that could benefit from structured goals.

Training is the best method for prevention and preparation; use it to your advantage by increasing the amount and frequency of trainings you offer. Not only does this create a safety conscious community, but also prevents a lapse in critical certifications for staff. Make it a goal to have one additional training available per month. Trainings could be on specific emergency response plans, or a more generic training or overview. Gauge the interest of these trainings by creating a goal percentage of your staff to attend. Additional trainings that require staff to come in after normal work hours can be cumbersome and difficult to draw attendance, but offering an incentive, or a reward every quarter to the team that has the most attendance can help. With an increase and focus on goal success through training, your Joint Commission Standards can be met more easily, which helps your healthcare facility as a whole.
Healthcare facilities are a bit different than others in the sense that they must be prepared for the worst case scenarios such as severely burned victims, shooting victims, and radiation victims. With that in mind, make an attainable goal to increase the amount of radiation kits that your hospital has for staff and patients. If there is a mass emergency, your hospital, along with others, should be able to care for as many causalities as possible. The more radiation kits you have at your disposal, the more people you can treat. Healthcare facilities also house a large number of dangerous chemicals which unfortunately can be spilled. Similar to obtaining more radiation kits, create a goal to gather additional spill kits for your facility, train staff on proper use and place them strategically in your hospital.   
Unique and attainable goals are critical for every department in your healthcare facility, but maintenance and security goals are some of the most important. Maintenance goals should be measurable such as 95% of workers wearing correct personal protection equipment (PPE) by the next quarter. Security goals may be something along the lines of decreasing the average time it takes to respond to a call by 30%. Setting overall goals is important, but setting departmental goals is imperative to successfully meeting umbrella goals.


The safety success of your healthcare facility relies heavily on meeting yearly goals and quotas. A new year means new goals for any organization, but hospitals must be vigilant in training, and departmental goals. What types of goals does your healthcare facility make every year to continue providing a safe environment to staff as well as patients? Let us know in the comments below.

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