New Year, New Goals for Your Place of Worship

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Setting Measurable Goals for Your Place of Worship & Using Incentives to Motivategoals

Your place of worship likely has a number of goals, whether it be to welcome new members, or to grow the average number of people in a church service, but does your church have safety goals in place? As 2016 begins, we want to help you increase your safety by meeting new goals in terms of security. Reaching safety goals is not only important for your members and visitors, but also for the overall safety and security of your property and those you wish to protect.

New to writing safety goals?

If safety goals are something your church is new to, begin by brainstorming with your safety team about different aspects that need to be improved upon. Don’t make these suggestions alone, use the knowledge of those around you to create a comprehensive list of improvements that could be made over the next 12 months. This could be something as simple as moving your food pantry for better accessibility during an evacuation, or as complex as installing new surveillance cameras. Whatever they are, ensure you are writing them down and they are attainable for your manpower and your budget.

What do I need?

Your church safety goals should contain at least one goal to mitigate the risk of fire, and should include goals that help you prevent and respond to violent safety issues such as active shooter or armed intruder. Also include measurable goals for your safety team to reach on a monthly basis such as, having 100% of safety team members current on all trainings like CPR & First Aid.

Some goals that can be useful to your place of worship may include replacing outdated or inoperable fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, or replacing old, outdated lightbulbs with industry standard bulbs. Consider making a goal of training backup safety team members on proper protocol and situational techniques to thwart an incident.

Why should people reach these goals?

Your church and the safety team may benefit from an incentive program to meet goals. Most safety team members are composed of volunteers and rewarding them for their continued dedication and often times going above their responsibilities is a way to keep them striving towards a safer place of worship. Your incentive program may be a hosted and catered meal once a quarter for effectively meeting goals, or something more elaborate such as a retreat trip at the end of the year. Whatever you decide, make it meaningful for your volunteers and something that pushes them to strive for excellence.

Your church is a sanctuary for those who wish to worship in peace, keeping them safe while doing so is of the utmost importance and safety goals is just one of the ways you can attain that. If safety goals are new for your church, start by brainstorming. Make sure your goals include things specific to your congregation and your needs, and finally, consider using incentives to motivate those who are working to meet the goals. What safety goals is your place of worship working to meet this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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