Our Favorite Holiday Movies

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Prepared Response wishes you all a wonderful and safe holiday season. We hope you enjoy this time with family and friends. One holiday tradition is to get yourself a fun holiday treat, light a fire, and turn on one of your favorite holiday movies.

We would like to share some of our favorite holiday movies that have inspired our team over the years and hope to share some of our thoughts on those movies. Movies presented in chronological order.


It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)Holiday-Movie-Its-A-Wonderful-Life

This film was not designed to be a holiday movie, but has become a classic holiday film. It’s A Wonderful Life has captured audiences for decades and its themes, scenes, and lines are even used or teased in other films and television shows.

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)Holiday-Movies-The-Miracle-on-34th-Street

The original 1947 film is a classic that still resonates with audiences in the 21st century. Without ruining the magic of Santa, the film helps the audience take the leap and believe in Santa.



White Christmas (1954)Holiday-Movies-White-Christmas

A wonderful movie with beautiful and timeless costumes, music and sets. Set in the years after World War II, this film brushes on the hopes and drive within us to rebuild our lives and country.


Holiday-Movies-A-Christmas-StoryA Christmas Story (1983)

This film takes us back to our own childhood and the anticipation we felt during the holiday season. It helps us relive some memories of our own childhood, we had some bad moments with bullies or licking a frozen pole, some gifts we never wanted (i.e. the pink bunny suit) and then the cherished gift of the season, the ‘official Red Rider carbon-action 200 shot range model air rifle’!


Christmas Vacation (1989)Holiday-Movies-Christmas-Vacation

Christmas Vacation is added to our list as a great holiday comedy with laughs for all ages. The Griswold family faces many of the trials that we face during the holiday season, with over-the-top exaggerations. Fun and quirky characters make the film even more enjoyable.


Holiday-Movies-Home-AloneHome Alone (1990)

This 90s comedy is a great movie for the entire family, from young children to grandparents. This movie brings lots of laughs, outrageous booby traps, quotable lines, and crazy family characters to life: we all know we have one or two of the McCallister’s in our own family!



How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)Holiday-Movies-How-the-Grinch-Stole-Christmas

Both versions of this film are fantastic, but we favor the live action film released in 2000. Ron Howard and Jim Carrey bring the classic children’s book to life with all the creativity, joy and warmth that Dr. Seuss penned.


Holiday-Movies-ElfElf (2003)

The movie Elf is the holiday spirit personified! Buddy the Elf brings to life the excitement, the joy, the surprise, the fun and the selflessness of the holidays. This movie has tons of energy to keep you excited about the holidays. Get ambitious and make the holiday season magical like Buddy the Elf!


A Christmas Carol (2009)Holiday-Movies-A-Christmas-Carol

The classic novel turned film is a great way to remember the holiday spirit and how we can have a positive impact in the lives of our family, friends and colleagues. The evaluation of one’s own life is never easy, but shows how necessary it is to prioritize the important things in life that money cannot buy.


Holiday-Movies-Arthur-ChristmasArthur Christmas (2011)

A clever, quirky, and heartwarming movie that gives the concept of Santa a modern techy makeover. Cheer for Arthur as the underdog and enjoy a modern animated film. This film taps into the spirit of the season and the dynamics of families which bring the heartwarming charm to the film.



We wish you all a happy and safe holiday season. Happy movie watching some of these classic holiday movies!

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