Hotel Series: Water Safety for Hospitality Managers

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Water safety is a concern for everyone during the summer, but for those in hospitality management, it’s even more important to plan for because summertime means that families are traveling and enjoying time in their hotel pool. As a hotel manager, there are some preparations that must be made prior to, during, and after guests visit your pool. Today we are going to continue our series and explain how hotels can ensure the safest summer season in their water. Read More

Hotel Series: Summer Safety Overview

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Summer is still upon us and that means that families are still traveling and spending much of their time in hotels across the country. We are starting off August with a series on how hotel management can ensure the safest stay for their guests during the busy summer season. By preparing early for things like safety around water and natural disasters, you can provide a safe and secure summer visit for your staff and guests. Read More

Prepared Repsonse, Inc. Offers a Cutting Edge Notification System for Rapid Responder Users

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Rapid Responder Notify Offers Two-Way CommunicationRR Notify- notification system

Have you heard about our new feature called Rapid Responder Notify? It is a modern and mobile two-way mass notification and tip reporting system. The two-way communication and notification system not only allows system administrators to send out mass notifications, but subscribers use the app to report incidents or possible threats in to designated personnel. This allows staff further insight into potential emergencies enabling them to make quick and informative response decisions, creating a cohesive response during any emergency.

Read our press releaseto find out more about how Rapid Responder Notify is used and why it is indispensable for any school, healthcare facility, place of worship, or commercial facility.

Notify Press Release


More Information than a Hasty 911 Call

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Rapid Responder Empowers You to Respond

We recently brought you the 6 W’s to dialing 911 from your place of worship, but what if I told you there was a way for dispatchers and first responders to gain even more valuable information before 911 callyou’re off the phone? With Rapid Responder, first responders and church staff are able to quickly and securely access emergency response information and engage in real-time alerts and chats during any incident.

Rapid Responder digitally stores your place of worships aerial imagery with evacuation plans, best access routes for first responders and tactical mapping plans that can save time and lives. During any emergency, emergency response plans and procedures are just a click away, easing stress for all involved. Tactical plans stored in Rapid Responder help first responders and church staff identify who, how and where they will respond.

Learn more about how Rapid Responder aids in the emergency response for your place of worship.

Learn More

Visitor Management: Is One Tool Better Than the Other?

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visitor management-camerasMany places such as schools, hospitals and places of worship, utilize cameras as a security measure. Often times, these cameras are watched closely by a security guard and if something unusual is noticed, law enforcement is called. Other facilities however are utilizing an all hazards approach to their visitor management. Today we are going to analyze each option and decide which is better for overall security: the tried and true manned camera approach, or the newer all hazards approach. Read More

Is Window Film Effective? How Some Hospitals Are Increasing Security

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Recently, I saw an article about different facilities utilizing window film as a way to add to their safety and security. I did some more research and found this article by Jeffery Plummer. He discusses in depth, how a Houston, TX hospital installed window film, their reasoning behind it, and its benefits.

Today I am going to review this article and pose some questions that came to my mind when researching this new, cost effective safety feature. Read More

A Comparison: School Resource Officer & Campus Officer

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When I started interviewing a school resource officer and a campus officer, I thought that their jobs would be very similar in the fact that their sole purpose was to deter crime and violence in the respective school setting. For the most part, they do the same types of things every day, but the other aspects that make up their jobs are much different. Today, we are going to see how a school resource officer and a campus officer are used in different capacities in their schools.

First I want to clarify that a school resource officer is used in k-12 settings and that a campus officer is utilized in higher education. Both are typically employed by a local law enforcement agency and both also hold jurisdictions outside of their school. Read More

How Campus Officers Are Making a Difference

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I recently had the privilege of interviewing a campus officer for the University of Puget Sound. His name is Todd Badham and he is the Director of Security for the university. He had great insight on campus security and loves his job working in safety for higher education. If you are wondering how campus officers make a difference in their environment and the community around them, read his interview.

SC: Why do you work as a campus safety officer? Read More

Rapid Responder: Why Everyone Needs It

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Rapid Responder Emergency Preparedness

Rapid Responder is an all hazards emergency response system that provides facilities and first responders’ instant access to site specific information. This information includes: floor plans, aerial views, site maps, hazardous material locations, utility shut off information, emergency and evacuation plans, and live camera feeds. Along with that, it can also be used to store and track facility maintenance, trainings, and reminders for things like drills or fire extinguisher refills. The list above is just a glimpse at how Rapid Responder aids in crisis management. Below you will find nine more reasons that everyone needs to deploy Rapid Responder in their facility. Read More

School Safety Committee Series: Meeting & Training with First Responders

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school safety committee- fire first respondersFirst Responders are busy and work in high stress situations every day, but that doesn’t mean they are unwilling to help your school meet their safety and security needs. Today we will end our school safety committee series by giving you tips on how to effectively meet and train with first responders to meet your safety goals.

 Invite Them with Advanced Notice 

First responders are always willing to meet with schools in order to keep them as safe as possible, but with their hectic schedules, they must have meetings scheduled well in advance. This goes for all first responders including law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services.

Train for Specific Incidents

When planning your training with first responders, plan for a specific event. EMS should be present and actively training on emergencies such as CPR and First Aid, while fire professionals should actively train for containing fires. Read More