Polk County, MN Working to Increase Emergency Preparedness

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Polk County Sheriff takes the lead to increase emergency preparedness by supporting Rapid Responder®

On December 17th, Prepared Response, Inc., sponsored a Rapid Responder information event in Polk County MN, in coordination with Sheriff Barb Erdman to discuss how Rapid Responder increases county emergency preparedness. Jeff Hicks, National Account Executive for Prepared Response, shared with first responders, schools and other organizations how Rapid Responder facilitates the gathering, organizing, and distributing of emergency preparedness and response information, and how it ensures a quick and coordinated response to any emergency.

Polk County Sheriff, Barb Erdman was in attendance as a supporter of the system and is dedicated to the safety of her county, and encouraged local responding agencies to attend.“Community safety is of the utmost importance and if we have one system that all schools, hospitals, and other facilities are using, our responders will be able to quickly access congruent, accurate and detailed information in the event of an emergency,” says Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman.

During the event, Jeff walked attendees through the system sharing key features, best practices, and unique ways current Rapid Responder users utilize the system for both emergencies and daily security and facilities management. Highlighted features included emergency plans, tactical plans, emergency contact information, a robust annotation feature, Easy Alert communication tool, and the NIMS based Incident Command System (ICS). Both Easy Alert and ICS are integrated together in Rapid Responder, functioning cohesively for a coordinated and effective response during emergencies.

To learn more about the Polk County event, contact Jeff Hicks at jhicks@preparedresponse.com

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