Pre-plan Tactical Meetings

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What Your Facility Has Been Missing

pre-plan tacticalPre-plan tactical meetings are the cornerstone to implementing Rapid Responder. They offer a roundtable discussion with your facility’s local emergency responders, and provide a focused agenda of increased safety and security during a crisis situation.

Our staff will set up the meeting and the details including the location and time while acting act as the facilitator, all you have to do is come and participate in the process. Pre-plan tactical meetings are the most effective way to discuss safety and security with those who will be working alongside you during an emergency situation. Not only will you talk about your emergency response plans, but you’ll also plan staging areas, reunification areas and roles that different individuals will take on during an incident.

Develop the following at your pre-plan tactical meetings:

  • Tactical plans
  • Identify best access routes
  • Incident response plans including staging areas and tactical posts
  • Table top exercises for various scenarios
  • Identify key roles for staff during emergencies

By participating in pre-plan tactical meetings, facilitated by Prepared Response, Inc., your facility is ensuring a coordinated and timely response with emergency responders in the event of a crisis. To learn more about pre-plan tactical meetings and how Rapid Responder empowers your facility, contact us today.

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