Prepared Response Sales Team Travels to MN & TX to Talk School Safety

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Here at Prepared Response, we have a dedicated sales team that travels all across the United States getting valuable and life-saving information into the hands of those who need it most, while also strengthening our company’s existing relationship with facility administrators and first responders in each state. This week our sales team is heading to Minnesota and then to Texas for school conferences. In Duluth, MN, our team is attending the Minnesota Association of School Administrators tradeshow and in Austin, TX they will be presenting at the Texas Association of School Administrators/ Texas Association of School Boards. Find out more about how our sales team caters to the needs of current and future customers.

At each show our sales team starts by setting up our booth with fliers, brochures and a TV display to show people how Rapid Responder works. While at the tradeshow, we speak with current and future customers and engage them on the needs they have for safety and security. In this case, our sales team will talk with superintendents, school board members, and school administrators to get a feel for their current safety and security processes and vulnerabilities. They are then able to provide a custom step-by-step look at how Rapid Responder is the best tool available for school safety and emergency response. Although we are not presenting in a panel discussion at these two shows, our sales team often presents valuable safety content and real life examples of how Rapid Responder has been used in a number of different emergency and non-emergency scenarios. They also sit in on seminars that highlight major topics so they are aware of issues that our clients and future clients face in terms of safety and security for their facilities.

After the tradeshow shuts down for the night, our team continues to work by engaging with current and future customers during after-hours business meetings. This helps form a professional relationship while getting to know more about the safety and security issues that our customers face. By doing so we can cater to our future customers and inform them on technology that our system uses to manage emergencies. Once back at our home office, our sales and marketing team follows up with interested parties and provides additional Rapid Responder information.

If you are in Minnesota for the MASA Fall Conference, visit our booth number 11 and talk to the Prepared Response sales team and gain insight to our emergency preparedness and crisis management technology. If you are attending the TASA/TASB conference, visit booth number 507 to learn how Rapid Responder can increase school safety and security. Connect with our social media pages to stay up-to-date on what our teams are doing across the country and to receive valuable safety and security content daily.

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