Rapid Responder Customer Forums Frequently Asked Questions

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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Rapid Responder Forums is available for current users to connect with other users from across the country, share unique ways to use the system, stay up-to-date on recent upgrades, and an additional way to connect with our support team. Rapid Responder users will find a variety of threads to post to and read from, which will cover system updates, the Emergency Response Interface, the Administrative Interface, mobile apps, and tips and tricks. A feature requests thread is also available for customers to submit ideas and needs for future system updates

So what are the most commonly asked questions about our forums?

What types of topics can I find in Rapid Responder Forums.

Users will find information on topics like, the mobile app’s that are offered, the two different types of interfaces (Emergency Response and Administrative), and drills and events.

Can I request something that I’d like to see added to or changed within Rapid Responder?

Yes! There is a thread to send us your feedback and feature requests.

Who uses Rapid Responder Forums?

Anyone with Rapid Responder log in credentials can access the Forum. They can connect with other Rapid Responder users and someone from our company, Prepared Response.

How do I access Rapid Responder Forums?

There is a link in the Administrative Interface of Rapid Responder that securely logs you into Forums through API technology.

Can I start a new topic or ask a question?

Yes! Within each thread is a button that says “New Topic,” allowing you to ask questions to fellow users.

How do I know if someone responded?

Within each thread is the ability for you to, “watch this forum for new topics,” or “watch this forum for new posts.” By doing so, you will receive emails about when something new is added, keeping you in the loop and getting you information that you are interested in more quickly.

Is there any training information available in Forums?

Yes! There is a thread completely dedicated to simple tips & tricks for Rapid Responder, and training videos that walk you through step-by-step processes of common interested areas.

Are the Rapid Responder features highlighted in Forums?

Yes! The “App’s” thread also provides information about our newest features, Notify and Easy Alert. It has all the information you need.


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