Rapid Responder Helps Control Large Crowds at Churches

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Learn How Rapid Responder can Help Mitigate Large Crowd Risk in Your Place of Worship

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Places of Worship experience very different security issues than other types of facilities because of their open environment, which exposes them to safety issues that others do not face. During normal service times, these risks are fairly easily managed, but when large crowds are expected, it becomes more difficult to effectively maintain security. This where Rapid Responder can help. Rapid Responder helps you effortlessly prepare for the large, unknown crowds that may be accessing your ground during a special event or holiday.

Here are some examples that may draw large crowds to your church during the year:

  • Easter service
  • Christmas service
  • Christmas play
  • Hosted concerts
  • Community festivals
  • Vacation Bible school

These events can bring a lot of stress to a variety of teams within your place of worship. The safety team however will be under the most pressure to increase patrols and procedures to ensure the safety of additional people. Rapid Responder has unique features that makes planning for larger than normal crowds a simple task.


The interactive annotation feature in Rapid Responder allows users to designate important areas by drawing boxes and labeling them on pre-existing floor plans and images of your unique facility. Many people use this feature to designate primary and overflow parking areas, first aid locations, restricted areas for only authorized personnel, and more. These annotated images can easily be printed and handed out to safety team members and volunteers so confusion is kept to a minimum.

Easy Alert

Easy Alert is a feature within Rapid Responder that allows for internal communication between agencies and teams at your place of worship. Within two clicks, a drill or incident can be initiated, alerting other teams of a problem. The person initiating the incident clicks what type of incident it is, such as a fire, violent intruder, bomb, etc., and what type of response others should begin such as an evacuation, or sheltering in place. Within Easy Alert, participants can post real-time updates, images, and their location, as well as communicate with first responders on the scene.

Emergency Response Plans

Many places of worship and churches don’t have up-to-date, or comprehensive emergency plans. If they do, they have probably adopted the three ring binder method that many schools use. Rapid Responder turns your three ring binder into an e-ring binder, making your emergency response plans accessible on-the-go. Plans can be accessed via the Internet, installed on a laptop, stored encrypted on a USB drive, or the iPad or Android App. By doing so, your church’s emergency plans are available to a number of people that have access to the system, increasing your response when seconds count.


Your churches interior and exterior imagery are stored in Rapid Responder, taken by our field reps during the implementation process, but easily managed and updated by you. All major areas including the entry, access points, sanctuary, children’s areas, lighting and sound booths, etc. will all be loaded into Rapid Responder where first responders can see the exact layout and floor plans for your entire facility. Most IP based cameras are also compatible with Rapid Responder and can be linked for a real-time view of what is going on inside the building. If a serious emergency does happen, this is the most useful information for first responder to increase the response time.

Large crowds are an exciting time for churches because others get the opportunity to experience their environment and culture, and the ability to welcome visitors. But it can also be stressful for those planning to mitigate the risk that is involved with a larger than average crowd. Rapid Responder not only helps your first responders, but is also a key planning tool for your safety team and volunteers with the interactive annotation feature, Easy Alert, on-the-go response plans, and interior and exterior imagery at the palm of your hand and available on a variety of platforms.

Contact us today to learn more about how your place of worship can increase emergency preparedness and response with Rapid Responder.

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