How Rapid Responder Meets the Needs of your Place of Worship

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Your Needs, Our System, Let’s Compare

Rapid ResponderPlaces of worship have many needs from serving their community to holding weekly services and consistently seeking out volunteers for different positions, but their needs do not stop there. Places of worship have unique safety and security needs for their congregation, visitors, and facility. Below are some common safety and security needs for most churches, and ways that Rapid Responder helps to effortlessly meet those needs.


Your Need

  • A place to store emergency plans




  • A way to easily update plans without editing a large document and printing it for distribution



  • Communication during an event with first responders


  • Images of your entire facility




  • A working partnership with first responders




  • A place to track maintenance and set reminders




  • An active list of hazardous materials and quantities



  • Location and instructions for emergency shutoff valves


Our System

  • Rapid Responder is an emergency preparedness system that is securely accessed via the internet, installed on a laptop, encrypted on a USB drive, or the iPad and Android App.
  • Rapid Responder is all digital so updating emergency information is as easy as logging in and editing. Over 380 data points are saved directly in Rapid Responder, and instead of printing pages to put in a binder, plans are immediately accessible to credentialed users.
  • Quickly and easily communicate with first responders in real time about your event or drill with the Rapid Responder Easy Alert feature.
  • During the site visit, our field representatives take digital interior and exterior imagery of major locations including sanctuaries, children rooms, offices, and meeting areas, along with entry points, utility areas, and exterior images of buildings.
  • Increase your partnership with local responding agencies when you deploy Rapid Responder for your place of worship. Our team will arrange the meeting and facilitate it, while your administrators and first responders work to reach effective strategies for potential emergencies.
  • Rapid Responder tracks maintenance easily on safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, when gas was replaced in generators, etc. It also has the ability to set reminders for changing batteries in smoke detectors or replacing filters in heaters and air conditioners.
  • Rapid Responder houses all hazardous material including chemicals. It logs the exact locations that hazards can be found and the amount that is stored.
  • As part of your site visit, we log the exact location and instructions for how to locate and use emergency shut off valves for your facility, including gas and water.

Above are just a handful of ways that Rapid Responder can be used to efficiently and cost effectively meet your place of worship’s specific safety and security needs. Rapid Responder is a proven technology that has been used in real life situations and is backed by the Department of Homeland Security as an Anti-terrorism technology. To learn more about Rapid Responder for your place of worship, contact us today, or request a demo.

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