Rapid Responder Notify

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The App that Meets Needs for Every Organization

Owners, managers, and safety personnel cannot see every risk in a timely manner and count on their guests, visitors, or students to help keep an eye out for hazards around the facility. Rapid Responder Notify meets that need for your organization.

Rapid Responder Notify, a mobile App that accompanies the Rapid Responder platform, allows for two-way communication on a daily basis for any facility or organization. Using Notify sites have the ability to communicate important information like closures, severe weather, delayed start times, drills, or lockdowns while it was built for these semi-critical information sharing moments, it can also be used for friendly reminders.

Not only do organizations have the ability to send notifications through the Notify App to their constituents, but they can also communicate to facility personnel about suspicious activities or even Rapid Responder Notifya risk or hazard. The two-way communication contributes to a safer and better connected community within an organization.

Schools will likely use it to remind students and parents of upcoming events such as ball games, or friendly safety reminders like drinking and driving, and wearing seatbelts. They may ask students to download the app and communicate any suspicious persons or packages, and ask students to use Notify to safely and anonymously report anything they hear from other students such as bullying, threats, etc.

Hospitals can use the Notify App for staff communication. Since visitors and patients come and go so often, hospitals would likely find the most use out of communicating reminders like planned fire drills, to announce any safety or security concerns, or areas that are under construction. Hospital staff can also use the Notify reporting tip line to quickly send an alert or tip to security personnel about suspicious persons or hazards they notice around the facility like burned out light bulbs, overgrown shrubbery, suspicious packages, etc.

Churches and other places of worship may find Notify beneficial for their congregation and regular attendees. Inclement weather often times affects church schedules and services, sometimes at the last minute. You may not have everyone’s phone number, and people may not see the Facebook update in time about a cancelled church service, but those with the free Notify App will be able to receive a timely notification about church service changes and cancellations for any issues. Your congregation may choose to stay anonymous to alert you of any risks they may see around your facility including things in parking lots or areas with children.

Rapid Responder Notify is a mobile App that brings together the best of both worlds: being able to send quick notifications to a large group of people, and offering those who receive notifications the ability to report anonymously. Notify is a practical App that can be used in every facility and focuses on bringing together two parties for increased safety for the organization. For more information about Rapid Responder Notify, click here.

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