Rapid Responder & School Emergency Management Needs

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Rapid Responder

Learn How the All-Hazards Emergency Management System Meets Your School’s Needs for Increased Safety & Security

Most schools have federal and state issued laws they must adhere to in terms of emergency preparedness and crisis management. Juggling different requirements can be hard and trying to meet them can easily deplete a school’s budget. Having an all-hazards emergency management system is one of the most effective ways to stay within budget and meet expected requirements. Rapid Responder, a product of Prepared Response, Inc., offers schools and other facilities a simple web-based system to prepare for and respond to a variety of emergencies. Rapid Responder meets critical needs, law requirements, and is SAFETY Act certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

emergency managementEvery state has differing requirements for drills whether it be natural disaster drills, fire drills, or active shooter scenarios. No matter the amount of drills your state requires per month or year, Rapid Responder meets them. Rapid Responder provides administrators the ability to set a drill for a future date and/or a reminder for an upcoming drill. Administrators can initiate any given drill in Rapid Responder and log the events that take place including the response, the number of people that participated and the amount of time it took.

Most states now have laws requiring them to have a means of communication during emergencies both internally and externally. Rapid Responder has two distinct features for those emergency communication requirements; Rapid Responder Easy Alert and Rapid Responder Notify. Easy Alert allows schools to communicate internally with other administrators, faculty, staff, and first responders about an ongoing incident.  Notify is the two-way external communication app which allows app users to receive notifications from the school and also allows them to report any suspicious activity to school administrators.

Up-to-date emergency operating procedures are critical to an effective response. Meet federal and state requirements for school emergency response procedures with Rapid Responder. Not only does Rapid Responder store all procedures, but it also allows for simple revisions and amendments to be made. By uploading emergency response procedures to Rapid Responder, you get an electronic version which can be exported or emailed, and has a timestamp of all modifications. Upload all response plans including natural disaster, fire, active shooter, suspicious person/package, bomb threat, medical emergency, etc.

During your implementation of Rapid Responder, field representatives travel to your school and take digital imagery of common areas, hazardous materials, shut-off valves, etc. From digital emergency managementimagery to location and quantities, Rapid Responder makes securing and noting all hazardous materials simple, allowing you to easily meet law requirements.

Each state differs on required certifications for staff, faculty and school administrators. It can be difficult to keep an up-to-date log of individual certifications, but Rapid Responder securely stores all certification information including the ability to set a reminder for expiring certifications such as CPR, First Aid, medications, lockdown procedures, etc.

When meeting with school and district administrators and discussing emergency preparedness, look at an all-hazards emergency management system built for schools, like Rapid Responder. Not only does Rapid Responder meet all emergency management requirements for your school, but it is also certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a ‘Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology’ and has been effectively used in an active shooter scenario.

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