Rapid Responder Just Gets Better

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Complimentary Training You Can Trust

Rapid Responder is a robust and comprehensive emergency preparedness and crisis management platform that facilities and organizations use to increase partnerships with first responders and simplify the response process during an incident. It can sometimes be complex and overwhelming for new users, but our trained professionals are here to help you learn the ropes of Rapid Responder and train you on how to get the most out of the platform for planning and real-world use. Keep reading to learn how we support you, our customer, through training. Rapid Responder provides training you can trust. 

After initial implementation, we finish the process by giving an online, live training of Rapid Responder for both interfaces, Administrative and Emergency Response. There can be multiple attendees during this training and provides the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the features your facility plans to use most.

After the training, your site is considered fully implemented and you can begin using it to meet your needs immediately. Once you have the basics down, you can start exploring the more advanced features of Rapid Responder. Our operations department offers twice monthly webinars for all users to attend, and anyone set up in Rapid Responder will be able to learn things about use case scenarios, advanced features, and new updates.

Features like Easy Alert, the browser-based internal communication tool, are talked about in depth, as well as the Rapid Responder Notify App which allows for two-way communication and tip reporting. Any time there is a version update or new feature offered in Rapid Responder, it will be discussed and training provided on how to use it.training you can trust

The best part of becoming a Rapid Responder customer and receiving all of this outside, supplemental training is that it’s free. There is no charge to sign up or attend the webinar, and after the webinar, the links are uploaded to Rapid Responder for future reference.

Rapid Responder is already a cost effective solution for your organization’s emergency preparedness needs, but when factoring in the complimentary webinars and trainings offered on a regular basis, the cost value is greatly increased. Rapid Responder implementation is not the only way to receive our years of unmatched expertise; you can also receive National certifications and training through our training and consulting services. Training can be the difference between an efficient and timely response and a chaotic event where communication is vague. Make sure your organization has the tools available to respond during any crisis with Rapid Responder; after all, it’s training you can trust. Contact us today for more information.

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