Reduce Risk of Injury or Illness to Healthcare Staff

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Keep Your Staff Safe from Injury or Illness

healthcare staffYour healthcare facility staff face many risks to their own health and safety during their normal work day. You spend countless hours making plans for how to keep patients safe and to continue providing life-saving care, do the same for your staff by reducing their risk to illness or injury. You can help reduce the likelihood of staff injury or illness by ensuring these precautionary measures are followed:

Safety Equipment is Available

Safety equipment at a healthcare facility comes in two forms. The first being basic safety equipment such as wet floor signs, and the second type being personal safety equipment, things that block against illness, like gloves, masks, soap, and hand sanitizer.

Both of these types of safety equipment should be readily available for staff to use. A wet floor sign and a mop should not be far from a spill, and decontamination gowns, gloves, and face masks should be within reach in case staff need to use them. Many times, nurses become ill from not having the necessary safety equipment and contracting the illness from patients, or injure themselves when they slip on a wet area, or trip over clutter.

Hallways are Clear of Clutter

We’ve discussed this before, here, but it is important to reiterate again. Keeping your hallways and healthcare stafffrequently accessed areas free from clutter will significantly reduce the risk of injury. It is convenient to leave monitors and extra beds in the hallways for the next time they are needed, but they cause a serious trip hazard, which could lead to unwanted legal issues. Reducing clutter in your hallways is a simple way to reduce risk of injury for your healthcare staff.

Training is Timely & Up-to-Date

Training is the best prevention for workplace accidents, injury and illness. Training should be offered on a continuous cycle, so that those who need it have no problem attending. Some things your staff should be trained for and comfortable with is restraining procedures, if needed knowledge of their rights as healthcare providers. Many healthcare staff injuries are due to violent patients, but with proper and frequent training can decrease over time.

Staff are Educated on Facility Policies

Like stated above, healthcare staff experience most on-the-job injuries when treating and dealing with patients, especially those in emergency rooms. Educate staff on your facilities specific policies regarding when to call security for help, and how to treat prison patients when they arrive. These are the highest likelihood of staff injury in the workplace.

Keeping patients safe and ensuring their continued care is a big concern for healthcare facilities, but the safety of your staff is also a top priority. You can help reduce the risk of some staff getting injured, or becoming ill by making a few minor changes such as, providing the correct safety equipment, keeping clutter to a minimum, staying up-to-date on training, and educating staff on policies specific to your facility.

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