School Safety Committee Series: Items to Discuss

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This morning we explained the roles and responsibilities of your safety team members and how adhering to those will help to increase the efficiency of a cohesive response. This afternoon, we want to give you a list of items that should be discussed at your committee meetings. These are guidelines and as such, should be tailored to meet the needs of your school safety team. Below are a few broad topics that should be discussed often at your safety committee meetings.

Funding Requests should be a topic that is opened often, if not every month for your meetings. During this time, members can request new items that they believe are needed to continue safety. Some examples of these requests might be: megaphones, two-way radios, vests, hand-held stop signs, and flashlights.

Monthly drills & training is one of the most important topics that should be discussed at every meeting, whether you are scheduling topics that will be drilled for or scheduling training for staff. At this time, you can also plan what drills will be practiced in the future months.

Review emergency plans and procedures at every meeting. Choose a plan or procedure to be reviewed and ensure that it is done early in the meeting so you don’t run out of time. By reviewing at least one plan or procedure at each meeting, you are establishing an active revision process.

safety committeeDiscuss incident reports at each meeting that have been turned in since the last meeting. These can include things like conduct reports for students or workplace injuries for staff. If any of these incidents are ongoing issues for your school, use this time to discuss ways that you can take a proactive approach to prevent them. Problem solve for issues such as bullying or classroom disruption as well.

Develop an agenda for the next meeting. This not only saves time when the next safety meeting is held, but it also gives committee members ample time to problem solve and train.

Open the floor at the very end of each meeting for members to voice their safety concerns. This is the time for committee members to bring up issues in the respective field that may need to be addressed.

It is important at meetings to prioritize items to be discussed. Without prioritizing, time might run out and pressing issues could be passed over. Remember that the goal of a safety committee is to add to the security of the school, and meetings should reflect that goal. What items are most often discussed at your school safety committee meetings? Let us know in the comments!

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