School Safety Committee Series: Roles & Responsibilities of Members

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Yesterday, we started our series by discussing how school safety committees help to foster a safer and more secure learning environment. Today, we want to give you a to-do list for each role in the safety committee. It will outline their responsibilities that will lead to a more cohesive response to emergencies. First, it is important to remember the different members that should make up your committee: the principal, a counselor, the nurse, the school resource officer, a teacher, and the facilities coordinator. Each person has a specific role that they must perform and responsibilities that produce a unified response during emergencies.

Principal/Assistant Principal (Incident Commander)

  • Communicates with higher level administrators at the district level
  • Monitors implementation of emergency response plans
  • Liaison with public safety and response agencies
  • Approves communication with staff and students

Counselor (Operations Team Leader)

  • Assist incident commander
  • Provides expertise in linking team to appropriate protocol and response plan
  • Review effectiveness of response after the crisis
  • Coordinates resources like transportation and reunification area
  • Leads debrief
  • Documents activities as they occur

Nurse (Emergency Medical Coordinator)

  • Identifies and coordinates staff with EMT, CPR, first aid training
  • Maintains trauma bags with supplies
  • Coordinates triage location
  • Provides medical care
  • Liaison with emergency medical responders

SRO (Safety Coordinator)

  • Assign, supervise and coordinate security
  • Secures perimeter
  • Maintain liaison communications with first responders
  • Briefs incident commander on issues as they arise
  • Supervise traffic control
  • Supervise student and staff movement/evacuation

Teacher (Student Supervision Coordinator)

  • Accounts for students and staff
  • Works with safety officer
  • Coordinates supervision and duties of other teachers not with students
  • Maintains student release log

Head of Maintenance (Facilities Coordinator)

  • Locks entrances and exits (secure the building)
  • Know the location and steps for shut off valves including electricity, gas and water
  • Communicate with district maintenance personnel

safety team responsibilitiesDuring an emergency, it is easy for school staff and administration to become stressed, but by understanding their roles and responsibilities, committee members can work cohesively to accomplish a common goal of safety during times of crisis.

Join us this afternoon where we will continue our school safety committee series by giving you items to discuss at your committee meetings. By discussing the right items, you ensure emergencies turn into a well-managed event.

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