Simplify & Improve School Emergency Drills

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drillsRapid Responder Makes it Easy to Improve School Drills

Drills don’t have to be time consuming, expensive or complex. Instead, they need to be organized, direct and cohesive. Remember when practicing drills at your school, you are practicing just as you would if you were responding to an incident. Ensure staff are aware a drill will take place during a designated time frame and prepare your first responders ahead of time by alerting them of all upcoming drills.

Earlier this month we gave you 5 tips to enhance your school’s emergency response plans. Today, we want to expand upon that and show you how Rapid Responder can help simplify and improve emergency drills for your school.

Rapid Responder provides first responders and school staff 24/7 access to all emergency response information for every building on your campus.

When practicing a drill, you may remember your three ring binder with all of your emergency response plans, but during an actual emergency you will likely forget it. Rapid Responder securely stores and shares tactical plans, site imagery, floor plans, emergency plans and procedures, emergency shut off valves and contact information for your safety team members.

This is just the beginning to how Rapid Responder is the most important aspect to your school’s safety and security needs. To learn more about how Rapid Responder simplifies and improves emergency drills for your school, and how it meets a variety of safety and security needs, click here and request a demo.

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