Rapid Responder Helps Control Large Crowds at Churches

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Learn How Rapid Responder can Help Mitigate Large Crowd Risk in Your Place of Worship

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Places of Worship experience very different security issues than other types of facilities because of their open environment, which exposes them to safety issues that others do not face. During normal service times, these risks are fairly easily managed, but when large crowds are expected, it becomes more difficult to effectively maintain security. This where Rapid Responder can help. Rapid Responder helps you effortlessly prepare for the large, unknown crowds that may be accessing your ground during a special event or holiday.

Here are some examples that may draw large crowds to your church during the year:

  • Easter service
  • Christmas service
  • Christmas play
  • Hosted concerts
  • Community festivals
  • Vacation Bible school

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Add A Layer of Security in Your Theater With Rapid Responder

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Rapid Responder

Controlling Large Crowds in your Facility with Rapid Responder

Movie theaters draw in large crowds of eager guests for events like mid-night premieres, box office hits, celebrity guests, holiday weekends, and pre-screenings of highly rated movies. Guests may start lining up days to hours in advance, and during this time, groups of people can get out of hand and arguments may happen. There may still be others that cannot find adequate parking and park illegally. It can be difficult for theater owners and employees to guarantee a safe experience in a dark, crowded, closed theater, but Rapid Responder can help provide an added layer of security when controlling large crowds. Read More