How Will You Handle After School Emergencies?

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Emergency Action Plans for After School Activities Are a Critical Aspect to School Safety

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After school, most students go home, but some stay for sports games or practices, rehearsals, and tutoring. These activities after normal school hours can potentially be liability issues in the event of school emergencies for the school and/or district.  Just like the normal school day, sports practices, rehearsals and clubs need emergency plans and procedures in place to keep volunteers and participants safe. Some concerns that should be addressed in your action plans for school emergencies are medical emergencies, weather and background checks. Start by communicating early with volunteers, parents, and participants about the expectations concerning after school emergencies & plans. Read More

First Responder Series: Emergency Medical Services

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3 Things Your EMS First Responders Want You to Knowemergency medical services

Ryan Stanford, our guest blogger today from Virginia, has over 11 years’ experience as an emergency medical services first responder. He has shared some helpful tips for how the public can help when they respond to an emergency scene. When an EMS first responder is involved, tension is high and nerves are on edge, but it is important to remember these tips so we, and our loved ones have the best outcome possible, thanks to the knowledge of our EMS first responders. Read More