Your School Surroundings, Are They Cause for Concern?

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What Surrounds Your School Should Dictate Your Critical Response Plans

Is your school near a government building, or maybe a chemical plant? Schools must be aware of what surrounds them as it could affect the types of emergencies schools need to prepare for, and Critical Response Plans for School Surroundingsthe type of critical response plans they build to mitigate risk associated with their surroundings.

The risks that come with having your facility near plants with dangerous chemicals is obvious, chemical spills, but you may not realize the dangers that come with being near a government building. For instance an angry protestor could wish to cause harm, sending your school into lockdown. These are just a couple of potential dangers that might surround your facility. Also consider busy or main streets or intersections that could have collisions and block your facility’s entrance and exits. Read More

The Weatherperson Isn’t Always Right

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Preparing Your Place of Worship & Congregation for Adverse Weather


Have you ever walked into a place on a cloudy day, and when you come out, it’s pouring rain? The weather tends to have a mind of its own, no matter what the weatherperson might tell you. Adverse weather can happen at any time and in any place, including during a church service. A winter morning can turn into a winter wonderland before the service is over, and a summer storm might cause flash flooding. The good news however, is most weather conditions can be planned for and risk can be mitigated in a timely manner with preparation. Read More

New Year, New Goals: Wrap Up

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Top 3 Ways to Improve Facility Safety by Creating Goals

new year

This week we have talked specifically about how creating new goals for the New Year can improve your facility or organizations safety and security. Whether it be a school, church, hospital, or movie theater, there are improvements that can be made and creating new goals can be the answer. As we enter 2016, safety and security for facilities and those who enter them should be a top priority. Today we want to give you the top 3 takeaways from this series that can help you this year. Read More

Healthcare Facility Maintenance Schedules

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Keeping Patients & Staff Safe

Optimizing your maintenance team and their schedules for your healthcare facility is imperative and could be the difference between the generators providing vital medical attention for patients or not having the ability to save lives. In the following below are a few best practices for your healthcare center to help get the most out of your maintenance teams and schedules: Read More

Rapid Responder Customer Forums, the Newest Customer Engagement Option

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Forum Creates Increased Engagement Between Users & Adds an Additional Support Avenueforums


KIRKLAND, WA – DECEMBER 15, 2015 – Prepared Response, Inc.® has just announced their newest channel of customer engagement for Rapid Responder users by opening a new customer forum. Rapid Responder Forums is a place where end users can go to connect with other users, share unique ways to use the system, and use as an additional avenue for customer support. Rapid Responder users will find a variety of threads to post to and read from, which will cover system updates, the Emergency Response Interface, the Administrative Interface, mobile apps, and tips and tricks. A feature requests thread is also available for customers to submit ideas and needs for future system updates. Read More

Theater Access Control

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Reel in Your Theaters Access Control

Controlling access points for any facility is imperative to continued safety, but even more so for movie theaters. Theaters have an open, free roaming environment, allowing for potential violence to take place in common areas or individual theaters. Luckily, there is a solution that doesn’t take away from the open, family-friendly feel that theaters are known for.

A crisis can happen at any time, as we’ve seen in recent media outlets but your facility can help diminish the risk of a crisis in your theater by controlling your access points. This includes not only your lobby doors, but also emergency exits, which are often used to sneak people in. Theater access control is your first barrier to crisis and emergencies happening on your property.

Learn three ways to improve your theater access control:

Learn More

Social Media for Mass Notification at Schools

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Pros, Cons & Alternative Options

Does your school or district send mass notification updates via social media during an emergency situation or incident? You may post on Facebook aboutsocial media road closures due to flooding, or that school is postponed due to snow, or even to alert parents that the school was temporarily under lock down because of something going on in the immediate area. Although there are some positive reasons to use social media for mass notification in a school setting, there are also negative effects that could happen.

Read More

Bomb Threat Series: Healthcare

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Create Plans, Practice Drills & Respond to Threats

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Hospitals – multiple buildings with expansive corridors and hundreds of rooms filled with patients and visitors. Eventually a wing or floor gets the code for a bomb threat and anxiety sets it. Bomb threats in a facility such as a hospital can bring unwelcome nervousness to patients, staff and first responders. Prepare for bomb threats by creating effective plans, practicing drills and responding efficiently. Read More

Bomb Threat Series: Schools

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Ways to Prepare, Performing Drills & Writing Plans

Unfortunately, bomb threats seem to be a norm for many high schools around the country and even lower grade level schools. Depending on the amount of evacuations per year, students and staff can become desensitized to the fact that there is imminent danger during a bomb threat. Preparing for a bomb threat at your school, performing drills, and writing plans are proven options to increase the effectiveness of a response if a bomb threat ever happens on your campus.

How to Prepare: Read More

Bomb Threat Series: Place of Worship

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What to Know & How to Respond

It is no secret that places of worship tend to be under particular scrutiny from opposing parties, but staying vigilant can significantly increase security for your grounds and congregation. Your security team and office personnel should know what makes a package suspicious and what to do if they notice a suspicious package or answer a call that is a bomb threat. Bomb threats can be made by phone, hand written note, email, or just a package. Below are things that you should be aware of and how to react if you perceive that your place of worship has received a bomb threat.

What to do

bomb threatIf you receive a bomb threat via a phone call, do not hang up. Try to keep the caller on the phone for as long as possible. Get someone else’s attention and have them call 9-1-1 from another phone. Remain calm and take as many notes as possible such as the gender of the caller, their exact words, and any obvious sounds in the background such as an emergency vehicle, or waves crashing. Also, note the number and name that appears on the phone. After the caller hangs up, do not hang up your line, but use another line to contact law enforcement. Avoid using any two-way radios because the frequency can sometimes detonate a bomb. Follow directions of law enforcement and any bomb squads that respond. Read More