Utilize Proven Measures for Safer Access Points

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Controlling Access Points Reduces Crisis in Schools

School Fence - Controlling Access Points

Safety aspects in school settings must be met in order to foster an environment of learning, but safety cannot happen without security. While they need each other in order to flourish, school security can be difficult to provide. Children are seen as easy targets and many times the buildings on campus are spread out, offering easy entry. By utilizing some proven access control, security can become easily attained.


Here are some key areas that you should consider researching for more controlled access points:

  1. Electronic Door Locks
  2. Single Point Entry
  3. Do uble Entry System
  4. Reinforced Glass

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Place of Worship Fire Drills

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What You Should do Before, During, and After a Drillfire drills

Fire drills are regularly practiced at schools and even offices, but there are not many places of worship across the country that do so. Unfortunately, places of worship are susceptible to fires and being prepared for those types of situations significantly increases your ability to respond. Practicing a drill on a Monday afternoon with your office staff does not prepare the rest of your congregation, but with some planning, you can easily prepare your church. Today we are going to give you tips and discuss what you should do before, during, and after practicing a fire drill at your place of worship. Read More

Places of Worship: Community Ambassadors During Emergencies

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church ambassadors header

Last month severe flooding struck the south eastern states, with South Carolina taking the brunt of the destruction. Nineteen people lost their lives in the historic flooding, families lost their belongings and valuables, many evacuated by boat leaving everything behind, and roads were completely washed away, including sections of Interstate 95. During the flooding in South Carolina and other times of crisis around the world, people sought help at a common area, places of worship. In most every emergency, places of worship step up and act as ambassadors for their communities. Read More

Increase Security for VIP Guests

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Prepare Your School for High Profile Guests with Rapid Responder

Has your school ever hosted a VIP guest? Perhaps a presidential candidate looking to connect with the American people, a celebrity that is doing charitable work, or maybe even the President of China if you are Lincoln High School in Tacoma, WA. VIP guests require many hours of preparation to your school and the security surrounding it. There will be meetings with the guests’ security team and specific plans made for potential crisis situations, all of this can become overwhelming for school administrators. Let Rapid Responder help you plan for a VIP guest visiting your school and reduce the stress surrounding their visit. Read More

Pre-plan Tactical Meetings

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What Your Facility Has Been Missing

pre-plan tacticalPre-plan tactical meetings are the cornerstone to implementing Rapid Responder. They offer a roundtable discussion with your facility’s local emergency responders, and provide a focused agenda of increased safety and security during a crisis situation. Read More

Improve Place of Worship Security on a Budget

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Increase Church Safety With Budget-Friendly Options


Many places of worship have a strict budget, and sometimes safety and security upgrades don’t make the top of the list for improvements that need to be made. We understand that substantial upgrades to security can be costly, but today we want to share with you ways that you can upgrade security without breaking your budget. The biggest misconception that prevents church leaders from implementing effective security is the thought that security is all about guns, guards, cameras, and metal detectors. Jeffery A, Hawkins explains church security as this, “a properly designed security program is like an iceberg, people should only see about 10 percent of what you really have in place; the other 90 percent is in place in case it is needed.” Effective and efficient church security does not limit the open environment that you have created for your congregation, instead it allows visitors and members to mingle freely, while having a back-up plan in case an emergency occurs. Read More

Wake Up, Get Safe: Guest Post by Jimmy Meeks with Sheepdog Security

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Security is a Real Issue in the Modern Day Church, Prepare Now

church interiorir cross

Although we hear some stories about church violence, the majority of violence occurring on church and faith based property is not known to the general public. Here are some startling statistics, since 1999, over 550 people have died a violent death while on church and/or faith based property. Of those, 74 lost their lives in 2014 and 54 in 2013. Although these numbers seem small compared to how many people are in the U.S., we must remember that places of worship are not excluded from areas where violent crimes occur. Read More

Is Rapid Responder Right for You?

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Information-Stored-Rapid-Responder-Commercial-Industrial-FacilityA Product/Need Comparison

Rapid Responder is the most up-to-date and industry leading technology that your facility could have for increased safety and security. Still not sure if you need it? Below are common needs that a facility has in terms of safety and security, and examples of how Rapid Responder meets those needs. Read More

Where is the Finish Line for Emergency Management?

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Understanding the Emergency Preparedness Cycle & How to Make it Effective

Emergency management is defined as, “the process of preparing for, mitigating, responding to, and recovering from an emergency or crisis.” It is important to understand that emergency management does not eliminate threats, instead it focuses on creating plans to decrease the impact of disaster and crisis. Before we dive into answering our question, “where is the finish line for emergency management,” we must first understand how the emergency preparedness cycle works, how it prepares us, and ways that we can make them most effective. Read More

How Will You Handle After School Emergencies?

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Emergency Action Plans for After School Activities Are a Critical Aspect to School Safety

cop car infront of school bus

After school, most students go home, but some stay for sports games or practices, rehearsals, and tutoring. These activities after normal school hours can potentially be liability issues in the event of school emergencies for the school and/or district.  Just like the normal school day, sports practices, rehearsals and clubs need emergency plans and procedures in place to keep volunteers and participants safe. Some concerns that should be addressed in your action plans for school emergencies are medical emergencies, weather and background checks. Start by communicating early with volunteers, parents, and participants about the expectations concerning after school emergencies & plans. Read More